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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Saturday at 12:06am -- I like the concept of "Genius"

I like the concept of "Genius". It makes me feel great about myself and what I have accomplished in this world. Actually, it is one of my (if not MY) favorite crutch. I like to think that if I had been born with some super talent, then sure, I would have become the next Charlie Kauffman (I threw in that reference for my friend Todd Gurley!) or let's say... Shakespeare. I would have just waved my around my Shakespearness and carved out my place in modern literature. Everybody knows that the great men of history (and ladies too!) were a race apart from the common folk like me. Their lives seemed to be a fulfillment of destiny, the mere unfolding of some innate genius. That is my comfort food that I have been snacking on for most of my life (sorry for the cliches- I really try to avoid them like the plague). I makes me feel pretty content. But the truth is that sure, prodigies exist. No one has matched Tesla (the man not the band-but i would put that guitar thing in Modern Day Cowboy up there with the finest classics of the 80s (that reference is for Brandon Gurley!) and Mozart
was layin' down some serious scores when he was like six or so (like an old school Justin Beiber- don't want to exclude those born after the 70s!). A certain class of folks operate on a different level. SURE. But, the more that I really breathe in life, the more that I have realized most of the people that accomplish greatness are pretty normal, unimpressive people like you and me. It has taken me turning gray to realize this (so you Bieber kids just got your first big-boy life lesson way early- see with one swoop I reached both Macy Jade (my daughter, age 5) and my son Colt (age 8) with my last (I promise) reference!) This is an uncomfortable thought for me. If they are just like us, then they had to work pretty hard to do their thing. That is why I like the concept "genius." It gives me an excuse for being lazy and letting way more qualified folks run the show and chart our history. Hey it's ok, it is their destiny! Right? I was at a screenwriting conference a while back and while I was standing in this big crowed room trying to act/look cool and witty, I was approached by a couple of guys and we started a very casual conversation. Small talk. The weather, where I was from, etc.- no big deal. We only talked for about 7 or 8 minutes- tops- when the lights dimmed and it was time to take our seats. So Mike, who I had just met, walked to the podium instead of the "guys-like-me" section. I looked at my Schedule of Events. It read: First Speaker- Mike Rich (screenwriter of Finding Forrester, The Rookie, Radio, The Nativity Story, and Secretariat). I sort laughed at myself. We don't REALLY wan't to believe that they are just like us. Niki and I are just about as regular as the gas in my weedeater, but we believe that together (and with your help) we CAN and WILL change the world. Will it happen? Who knows? Probably take a genius to figure it out.
Saturday at 12:06am

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