Long Road to China - Our Adoption Story

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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Wow, it seems like forever ago that I sat at this desktop and wrote about what was going on with the adoption! Truth be told, there was a large block of time that the wheels of progress seemed stuck in the mud. When that happened, the craziness of life seemed to continue (as it does), and I was carried away by the thousands of things that seemed to always need doing. Somewhere along that road, I l...ost focus on what I was doing and my calling. Gi Gi was lost in the shuffle, as were other people that I love.

Luckily, my eyes have been opened. God has little reminders for us along the way. When Niki Suitor Smith told me she had found Gi Gi on a website, I thought she was reaching! LOL! I mean, there are countless orphans in China. Couple that with the number of orphanages, and what are the odds? Plus, I hadn't seen an anywhere close to recent photo. How could she even be sure? Well, to get to the point, when she showed me, I knew. I was knocked off my feet! It was a feeling like nothing else! I don't believe that us finding her was a random thing. I need my inspiration back and when I saw her, I remembered what I am doing. It is easy to get a little lost but God will bring us around if we do a little searching. Niki, never lost faith or forgot what we were doing. She was always searching, reading, praying, working. God is using her as a light for me to find my path. I forget how much I have been blessed. I wish every guy could know what it is like to find the one God made for him. I take that for granted. I got the trophy wife the first time around- so, I'm a little spoiled.