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Saturday, July 2, 2011

June 7 at 5:21pm -Officially approved but Lost package

I'm sorry that I didn't update everyone this weekend. We had a lot going on and I never stopped. To start, we were officially approved and on our way in the adoption process. I sent payment and more paperwork in on the 2nd and believe it or not, it is lost in the mail - how did I know this would happen? lol I ship out packages everyday {thousands a year} and rarely every does USPS not deliver on time. Pray that tracking # 9101 1288 8230 0723 7552 31 will find it's way to CCAI ASAP. It stopped tracking on the 3rd & the post office cannot locate it. It should have arrived yesterday. It's making me extremely nervous too because it had a check in it for payment. I can cancel the check and get all the paperwork signed and notarized again & resend......but I'm praying it will show up before we have to do that.

Our social worker was suppose to come on Monday, but bless her heart; she broke her foot. I know she has been in a lot of pain and will find out tomorrow if she has to have surgery. Please pray that she gets better and doesn't have surgery. I'm not asking this because of our Homestudy; it will get completed. She has been very sweet and she feels bad that she has been unable to get the 2nd visit out of the way. Things happen out of our control and we were ahead of schedule anyway. I just hope she is better!

So right now things are at a stand still. We have completed all paperwork and have all things completed and turned in on our end. As soon as our payment & paperwork reaches CCAI, we will have a password that will allow us to access the secured portion of CCAI's website and will be able to download our Adoption Dossier Guide. At that time, we will also have access to our Home Study Packet and access to CCAI’s on line, Hague accredited, Parent Training Program. We are ready to get back started with all of this!

Please keep praying for us and our baby/babies! We are excited, but patiently awaiting our package to reach CCAI so we can continue. {Those of you that know me know just how patient I am! hahah} It's all in God's perfect timing!

On a side note from the paperwork, our kids are so excited! I almost cried this weekend when Colt and Macy Jade both brought all their saved change and put it in our change collection for the baby. It was totally unprompted and I was proud of them! I said to both that they could keep their change for souvenirs when we went to China. Colt said "That's o.k. mommy; I know it's expensive to adopt our baby and I want to help. Please use my money to help adopt our baby; that's the most important thing. I want a baby brother or sister more than any souvenirs!" Macy Jade's response was "No, I want to use it to get my brother here. I want to keep it but I want to use it for the baby more." They have also been working on making "Chinese type crafts" to sell to help raise money. They asked me to help find some things they could make and I've helped them find some crafts that they could do with minimal or no help. They are really showing me how big and responsible they can be; I'm really a proud mommy of those two! God has blessed me beyond anything I could ever deserve with wonderful caring kids, a supportive loving husband, awesome friends on that continue to uplift & pray for us, and way way too many things to mention!!!

But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31
June 7 at 5:21pm

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