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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June 23 at 10:52pm -- Belated Father's day 2011 / Kung Fu Panda II

Hello! I'm finally getting to an update. To all the father's, I hope you had an exceptional weekend - sorry it's so late! Anyone can make a baby, but it takes a special man to be a daddy & father! I'm so thankful God gave me one of the best husband's who is also one of the very best dads in the world!

We've been so busy getting information/documents in that I've not had time to update like I wanted to. We have been working on our parent education and it is very interesting and helpful! We have completed 12 hours of online training and now that is completed too.

I also turned in all the information we had gathered for our Dossier and only 2 things needed minor adjustments - only a sentence added to the letter from the Doctor and CPA. The adoption petition and everything that we wrote passed without any corrections - YEAH!!!! That was great news to start off our Monday!

We don't like much more information to collect and all the paperwork will be ready for our dossier. Then we will begin the "sealing" process. That's the process I talked about in our last post - notarized, certified by the Secretary of State, & Authenticated. I'm excited that the paperwork is coming together!

Our social worker is still unable to walk on her foot but hopes we will be able to by next week. Hopefully our homestudy can be completed soon. We've been so thankful because everyone has been so nice and willing to help us get our paperwork in! Everyone has gotten our letters back to us within the same day. The dossier team with our adoption agency has been awesome at helping us and getting us answers quickly. It's been such a blessing to have such wonderful people to deal with through the process!

Back to Father's day (I'm tired tonight and cannot stay on track), we decided to do a "Chinese Father's day" for Phil. Well as Chinese as Corinth gets! lol We took Phil to eat Chinese and then went to see Kung Fu Panda II. We had no idea that II was about adoption; wow, did it touch home for us! We knew it would have all the Chinese culture in it and that is why we picked it. It was one of the best movies we have seen and had references to Chinese history - most will probably not catch the correlation, but if you know about Chinese history, you will see it.

We gave thanks for our family, but couldn't help but wonder about our other child(ren). Have they been born, or they in an orphanage, have they been left somewhere, are they getting the medical treatment they need (esp. if he/she has special needs) what is their life like if he/she is born, is anyone playing with him/her, do they get held, etc, etc? Adoption is extremely rewarding, but it is tough. Imagine if you knew your baby was in an orphanage with tons of other kids and few caregivers. They do the best they can in China, but it's very very different than here. In the orphanages, their main priority is to try & meet the basic needs for each child. The information we have studied told us to expect our child to be underweight and below average on the growth chart due to malnutrition. Can you imagine your child not getting held, not getting proper nutrition, not being changed adequately? We knew this when we entered, but it makes it no easier to face the situation! We just have to put our faith in God & let Him take care of him/her until we are able to take our child(ren) home. Thank you all for so much support & comfort!!! There has been nothing but wonderful people here and you all have made this journey easier for us! Please continue praying for us as this process is emotionally draining - from the highs to the lows to the unknowns! And please continue to pray for all the orphans! We know that God will carry us through and bless everyone of you! We love you! Thank you all so much!
June 23 at 10:52pm 

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