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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June 30 at 1:13am -- Kiss the ground you walk on. We did nothing to deserve this.

I've been thinking about Jesus tonight (no the sermon is not about to begin). I've been thinking about his philosophies and how they have really differed from mine. I was raised in a religious family (church on Sunday, Wednesday, etc.) I graduated from Freed-Hardeman University (undergrad and grad) so I know my way around "THE BOOK"- even studied a little Greek in my spare time. But, I took a good long look at myself and compared my road with the one of Christ. A Christian is one who emulates Christ in his life. His compassion. Strength. Meekness. He came to this world to be a servant- A SERVANT!!!!!!!

I've been thinking about my role as a servant in this world. Seriously, we teach our kids from a young age to "rise above" and "make a name for yourself", but do we ever consider how they treat others? I'm not trying to be dramatic. Not how they treat others who can help them, but how they treat "the least among us". I'm great at being cool with people who can (or could) possible help me in the future. Or with folks that are easy on the eyes, but what about the guy that's not cool or stinks or whatever. A teacher once told me to read the book of James (bible) and rate myself on how my actions compare. Try it. It's a humbling experience.

I know that I'm starting to ramble, but my "looking out for number one" attitude is difficult to parallel with Christ. I think i need to remind myself WWJD- not in terms of "Jesus wouldn't get loaded and rob the bank" but in "how would Jesus treat the meth addict that is at the end of his rope?" Or, on a more personal level what would Jesus do if he were in my shoes. This adoption process has humbled me in ways that I'm far too poor a writer to express. He has opened my eyes to the world that I live in. God has blessed me. God has blessed you too.

I found some stats that really made me think.

"If there is a meal in your fridge.."
"If you are dressed with a pair of shoes..."
"If you have a roof above your head..."
You are better off than 75% of people in this world.

Kiss the ground you walk on. We did nothing to deserve this.
June 30 at 1:13am

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  1. Phillip Smith: I have had some posts that reflected the opinion that "the church" or organized Christianity is extremely flawed. I understand the opinion and honestly, I have been there myself, but I wanted to share a post that I sent to a thoughtful poster. thanks for the comment, and i will agree that "organized religion" has, at times, left me feeling blue. Hypocrisy does run rampant. I believe this is the nature of the beast- get enough people together and they will find a way to screw-up anything! The entire New Testament is basically a bio of congregations trying to worship the Lord and combat the same stuff we encounter today (as they say- there is nothing new under the sun- read the book of James). A few years ago I threw up my hands and said screw it- but then I reflected a bit. I believe God wants us to congregate and carry on his work (maybe it is a strength in numbers thing- listen to Foreigner Records album. Hot Blooded LIVE. 'We have the amps..... you have the numbers.....the strength in numbers). So I came to a crossroads. Do i quit going to "church"? Is this the plan God has for me? I seriously debated this for a time. My conclusion was to be a pioneer, to be a missionary in the "church". To be the light to inspire fellow Christians to follow the path Christ has for us. To learn to not see color or economic status or whatever. Christianity does not change the world with people leaving. It changes the world by people keeping the faith and following the path he has set for us. You are a extremely influential guy. Put yourself in a position to change the world. Christ gave his life for his church (simply followers) and it is up to us to overcome the obstacles the Devil has for us. Apathy and hypocrisy are his best weapons- always have been. Keep the faith
    June 30 at 9:36pm