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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My great husband cancels Direct TV to save for adoption fees

O.k. all I have to say is that you know you have a great man when he calls & cancels Direct TV to save $65 a month (around $800 in a year) to go toward adoption costs! I Never thought he would be without Direct TV, cable or some type of service like that! We hope to get an antenna so we can pick up the news, but this in itself is huge news! An antenna would only mean a couple channels. How many men do you know that would give up their stations to help pay to adopt an orphaned child from another race/country with unknown disabilities? I'm not saying there are none others, but I bet there aren't many! Before we got married (over 12 years ago) Phil had Direct TV service installed prior to us moving in because he loved to watch it so much. I have one of the best husbands & he has always sacrificed for us!

I know I have many messages to respond to from over the weekend and I will try to answer you back tonight. Please know I'm not ignoring you - just been busy getting ready for Jacinto.

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