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Friday, July 1, 2011

May 19 at 6:25pm - Why are we adopting from China?

We knew people would begin asking us why we were adopting from China and not the U.S.   Please know our decision was made after 12 years of praying about this.  I was going to post our reasons why tonight before we began getting a lot of emails, but some of you beat us to it. lol   The primary and most important reason we are adopting from China is that is where God has lead us to find our child.

We know some people say “We need to take care of our own.”  We absolutely do not oppose adopting from our country and fully support it.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone that adopts!  The children from the U.S. are precious, but so are all the other children.  We feel that All children are God’s children and “our own children” to us does not refer only to the children in the States.   We are all created equal. God created this world and there are imaginary lines that we have made to separate us. One of my favorite kid’s song even today is “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”  I think this explains exactly why we would consider adopting abroad.

We were asked on our adoption papers “Why Do You Wish to Adopt a Child from China?” .   I would like to share my response that we stated in our application.  Please know we did not list every reason:
For 12 years, we have felt a calling to adopt one day.  We feel a connection to China for several reasons including:
1.) We had a missionary from our church in China for several years.
2.) Though my business we have interaction with Chinese people.
3.) We have several friends that live in China & are Chinese natives.
4.) We have knowledge  of Chinese customs, traditions, and holidays.
5.) We want to give our child a better life, hope, & the chance to succeed throughout life.
6.) We are very passionate about giving a child a family and getting them out of an orphanage.
7.) To us, there is no greater joy than a child.  We want to share our love of our close knit family.  We know in the end we are the ones that will be blessed by our child.
8.) We feel God created us ALL the same and loves each one of us no matter where we are from.
9.) We feel God has lead us to China. After much prayer, we feel a connection with China and our hearts are there with our baby.
10.) God has put our child in China and our mission is to find our child.

I’m just going to quote what is also in our description
“To us we hope to provide this child with a better life here in America, but we also pray that he/she will come to know God being in this country. Most of you probably know China has very different believes {typo this was suppose to be beliefs} & our prayers are that this child will hear His words & be saved & have everlasting life. Please don't get me wrong, we have wonderful missionaries that go to China & spread God's world, but they cannot reach all & Christianity is not the primary religion. Children here have a much, much better chance to hear of the Salvation plan than a child in China. We pray to have a ripple effect & that this child will be saved, his/her spouse & children will come to know God & the process will continue on. “
The majority of the people in China practice that of Chinese folk religion or "Shenism".  Buddhism is also a major religion.  There are many others, but these are the main ones and they are VERY different from our Christian beliefs.

If you look at the Chinese “one child” policy, it is a major reason for these children being adopted.  Many Chinese people want a boy as the only child.  The boys carry on the family name, usually work close to home, and are the ones that take care of the parents when they grow older.  It is against the law in China to use an ultrasound to find out the gender of a child because women would often abort their female daughters.  Female children are often abandoned in parks and on door steps in the night.  Some even kill the female child as soon as she is born by submerging her head in water and drowning the child.  I cry as I type this as I cannot imagines, but it is reality - especially in the villages out of the cities.  I could write for days about some of the things that happen in China and life in orphanages.  They do the best they can but the orphanages are flooded with orphans. If you want more information China’s Lost Girls was a touching documentary hosted by Lisa Ling.   Google it and you will find tons of information about Chinese children in orphanages and  the one child policy.  Most all children are female in the orphanages, but the strange thing is that most people adopting do not want the boys.  Even though many more girls are abandoned in China the boys are needing homes also.  They will abandon a boy child if he has any “defect” and in China this can include things as minor as a birthmark on the leg to very sever problems.  Some are simply abandoned boys and girls because of lack of money to support the child or teenage girls not wanting to embarrass their families.

We know and have talked to Colt & Macy Jade that not all people will support our decision to adopt out of the states.  We have also prepared them that some people will talk about and may make fun of them or their sibling from China because he/she looks different.   We are ready for the challenge and we have taught our children & will continue to teach any other children we have to turn the other cheek and to respond with the love of God.  I think our kids will probably have an easier time with this than Phil & I.  The child we adopt will be our child as much as our “home grown children”  are our children.  There will be no difference in love or connection.  Please remember this when you see a child that is different - whether it is by color, a disability, or any way they may differ from you.  Remember God loves them the same as you and that it is hurtful for children and families when one is treated differently.

Please respect that we are passionate to do God’s will and are following His direction.   Another may not feel it is God’s plan for them to adopt internationally and that is great too.  God does not hold the same plan for all of us.  He made us each different to have different talents and tasks while we are here on earth.

Please do not take this personal as it was honestly not directed at anyone!  This is what was on my heart to share tonight even before I had gotten one question asked to me.  I do not mind answering the questions; hopefully others will gather a better understanding and love for one another through our answers.    May God Bless each of you as we are getting our blessings!
May 19 at 6:25pm

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