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Saturday, July 2, 2011

May 30 at 8:59pm - 1st visit with social worker

O.k. I thank all of our prayer warriors! I know you all are praying for us as we are feeling you all uplifting us! It is such a surreal feeling and journey we are on! We met with our social worker tonight and she is awesome! She was so nice, patient, and helpful! We couldn't have gotten a better social worker! I have to say thatthere is no telling what she thinks about us. Those of you that really know us know how goofy Phil and I are most of the time. Well, tonight was no different! Just put it this way: After introducing ourselves, I started with "I hope you have a sense of humor. If not, we are in trouble!" Then, I opened up my folder with all my paperwork in it and there was the Scout eaten page of paperwork. NO, I'm not kidding! Scout ate 1/2 a page of paperwork and I didn't have a copy so I had no choice but to get busted with the "Dog ate my work". Sad thing is that it was true! lol I have to say it was an icebreaker and she laughed with us! We felt the first interview went well and that we got a lot accomplished! We spent 2 1/2 hours with her, but Phil and I were enjoying reminiscing our times together and remembering how much we still love each other after all these years. We meet with her next Monday for visit #2 and she said she could be finished with our home study in a few weeks if we could get the other 2 visits in soon. It was such a blessing to have a great social worker!

Things are still moving right along! We are still waiting on my signed paper from my doctor and are at a stand still on our official application being approved. Other than cleaning my house & getting a few ?s answered, we just have to start on our 12 hours of studies online. As soon as I get that paper turned in, we will be right on our way! :0)

Please continue to pray for us and our baby/babies. We shared with our social worker tonight that we would probably adopt another child after this adoption was completed. She asked if we would consider sibling groups. YES, Phil and I had talked about that but didn't think the odds were high at getting 2 siblings under the age of 2y/o. This is another possibility, but we are just placing it in God's hands! Continue also to pray for the things we listed in earlier posts and that everything will continue to move fast! WE are so overjoyed tonight! Thank you for following us and may God bless each one of you!
May 30 at 8:59pm

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