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Monday, March 11, 2013

Orphanage visit......

  • Things are going better than I could have expected! The orphanage was a wonderful experience for everyone! Of course there were tears but I would have been worried if not! It was bittersweet at best! It was such a comfort to feel YaYa clinging to me when she cried but it hurt so much to know we were the reason she was being pulled (eventhough I know, she knows, & all the staff/friends know it's the very best things for her).   YaYa is also very happy; we see it; the guide sees it; her nanny, orphanage director, & teacher stated it.  
    She held my hand, hugged on me, laid her head on my shoulder as I comforted her as mamma! We got lots of pictures. Her nanny had raised her since she was 8y/o & we found out the nanny was the reason she is adopted now! So many things had to fall in place on both sides that it is amazing to see how God worked to get her home! She had not been on the list for very long because the orphanage had never put a deaf child (this is what they said but I wonder if they meant an older deaf child) on the list to be adopted because they did not feel anyone would adopt a deaf child. Her nanny pushed the orphanage director to put her on the list because she said YaYa had so much potential and would really thrive in a forever home. The director finally gave in but they knew her time was limited to even find a home at the age she was placed on the list. God just took over and made it all work when it really did not seem possible. It's is nothing short of amazing to see God's work through YaYa!
    When we were at the orphanage the director told me of an older child (I believe age 13years old). The girl had gone to school so I could not meet her. The director told me this girl had so much potential & was fine in every aspect mentally, physically but she had been burned on the face. She told me that she would not put her on the list because she knew no one would adopt her with the scares on her face. I begged her to send me pictures & more information because I told her that she deserved a home & that I would do everything I could to find her a home before she aged out. Please pray with me that someone will give this girl a home she deserves! My heart just breaks!  I will post more information as I get it.
    Also, we got to met YaYa's friends & see her school. We were only allowed a few steps into the school gate but all of YaYa's friends came running to her. Her best friend was so sad & crying. I continued to find myself hugging & kissing on her because my heart just broke! YaYa was all smiles as she told her friends good bye. Her reaction was so much better than I expected!  She truly seems happy with this crazy family!
    I was also very happy that her teacher told her that she needed to make new friends & focus on a better future. She told her they would always be there but that she must move on & make a new home. It was very encouraging the things she said to Guan Ya & the support I felt from her!
    My heart was so full & I was so blessed to see God work! Yes, it was hard for all, but it was beautiful too!  Thank you for all the prayers!!!  Love to you all!


  1. Glad your day went good. Erin was happy to say goodbye to her school too.

  2. Niki, if you get that sweet child's info, send it on! I will def help to advocate for her! So happy for you and for beautiful Ya Ya!

  3. I'm SO glad that your time at the orphanage ended up being such a good thing. That they affirmed your role in Guan Ya's life - that's so huge! Just God's hand in the timing and her getting listed at all, and you guys getting to hear that backstory - something that'll be so precious when you can convey all of that to her down the road, too! That she turned to you for comfort! So much that's so good!

    Yay, God!

  4. God entrusts special people to raise special children - thinking of the 13 yo girl you mentioned. So glad to see your new daughter with your family.