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Friday, July 5, 2013

Wow! Summer is 1/2 way over

I see my baby girl in all her joyfulness & adorableness and I can't help but hear Frank singing

"Ain't she sweet? See her walking down that street.
Yes I ask you very confidentially, ain't she sweet?
Ain't she nice? Look her over once or twice.
Yes I ask you very confidentially, ain't she nice?
Just cast an eye in her direction, 
oh me oh my, ain't that perfection?"

It's hard to believe that this time last year we were anxiously booking plane tickets to go get this baby!!! At that time, we had no idea how much our family needed her!!!! GiGi is spoiled rotten but loved more than she will ever know!!!

I can't bear to think this sweet baby with all her perfection could still be laying in an orphanage! 

Who couldn't love this baby???  
I honestly believe every life she has touched loves GiGi!  I believe she was loved by her biological mother & she was left for a better life - I wish she could see GiGi now!  I pray often for her mother that had to make the unthinkable decision to leave this blessing; I honestly cannot imagine the pain she has to endure! I believe she was loved by the orphanage, but they just didn't have the hands needed to care for all the children & all children deserve to live in a loving home....not an institution!  And I know that every person that has met GiGi since we have been blessed with her falls in love with her!  

I am grateful everyday for being chosen as the mother for all 4 of our precious children!  Each were placed in my arms & I am humbled each day to know of all the mothers in the world, God chose me to give these gifts!

How can anyone not see that we are the blessed ones???

We have been so busy since we got back from China with Guan Ya that I have not updated our blog as I did prior to leaving.  It is easy to type in a few phrases on Facebook or upload from my phone pictures to FB so if you follow us on FB, you have viewed many of our pictures.  

For those of you not on FB, I wanted to share some pictures of our blessings.  The ones labeled stamped "GiGi's Light" are pictures from our photography business that we are gearing up.  It has taken awhile to get back to a point we can start taking pictures again.  We hope to use this God given talent to help get us out of adoption debt and to support our family (that has grown 2xs over one year - what an unexpected blessing!).    

You can find us on FB 

to see more of our work, book an appointment, or ask questions.
Phil is working on a website and we will post a link when it is finished!  We hope to not only showcase our work, but to help others by discussing the technical side of photography for all of you that like that aspect!  We hope to share our knowledge & love of photography to help others!  This is from the words of Phil about the website:
"Stay tuned for the launch of our website. We will showcase our photography, but also look closely at the art of photography. We will discuss the duality of GiGi's Light. Niki covers the pretty and I cover the gritty. We will deconstruct some of our favorite photos and talk cameras, lenses, and the digital darkroom. So, we hope that you'll drop by when everything is up and running."

You may find more pictures of Macy in the GiGi's Light pictures because she loves the camera and to take pictures.  
The other kids - not as much!  Guan Ya hasn't agreed to a photoshoot yet but when she does, you will see the pictures! :)
We love photography but try not to irritate our children excessively by our love of photography when they don't love to get in front of the camera!  We've been asked before why we don't take more professional pictures of our other children & it is by their choice.  Do not fret, you will find many snap shot or phone camera pictures of all of them!  :0)

With out further rambling, our blessings!!!!!!!

 Cousin Love!

Guan Ya gettting her ears pierced! 

 They love their Daddy!

Such a Silly Girl!

Bella Kate learns the Chinese squat from Guan Ya! 

He maybe 4 legged, but he is the biggest baby of the house!
The most gentle dog I've ever known!  He returns the pet hamster (when it escapes) in his mouth without hurting it.......but kills moles outside!

I wonder why GiGi loves to go biking so well????

More cousin love!

The reason we don't make our kids take pictures when they don't want to take pictures! lol

Thank you each one for following our story!  We continue to share because our hope is that you will find an unexpected blessing or be touched in a special way though the blessings we have been given!  

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