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Saturday, July 2, 2011

May 29 at 1:25pm - Update

Late Friday afternoon, our social worker and application manager both contacted us. Our application manager is awaiting one letter from my doctor stating that I'm physically and mentally capable of taking care of a child. Phil's doctor has already written his and we've turned it in. She said once my doctor gives me the letter & Iemail it to CCAI, that she would officially approve our application asap. I was glad to hear that the rest of our application was good to go! The only thing holding us back is my letter from my doctor. I think they then begin translating into Chinese for the government in China. Once our application is approved, we will make our first of three payments to CCAI {we've already paid the application fee}. Then we will be given access to the CCAI Dossier Guide, Home Study Packet and on-line Parent training. I don't know if the Home Study Packet is something different than the home study we are doing with New Beginnings.? I'm not sure what all this includes but I will let you all know as we get there. CCAI is so very easy & nice to work with! We can just pick up the phone and call them and they will help us asap. They are so helpful!

Also, our social worker contacted us and we will have our first of four visits with her beginning tomorrow. We are not sure what to expect but she too was extremely nice and helpful! She said we could finish her part at our pace and as quickly as a few weeks. This was wonderful news to us because we were told the Home Study could take up to 6 months. Hopefully, we can have it completed much sooner than that! The FBI check & background check might take alittle longer to get back. I'm not sure how long their turn around time is for paperwork.

I've been wanting to share with you a decision on our adoption. I knew it would be lengthy and I have just written it in "Waiting Child Program" document. It is pretty long, but it is very heart felt. Please read this document as it is something very close to our hearts. Thank you for all your support!
May 29 at 1:25pm

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