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Monday, May 12, 2014


This is such a great video!  
I can relate to Deb so much.  As we were going through the process of adopting GiGi, I remember seeing older children needing homes & sometimes I would see a family on my Facebook friend's list, adopt an older orphan.  I remember thinking "WOW!  That's great others can adopt these kids.  I don't understand how but I'm glad others can give them the love and family they really need.”   I verbalized to Phil & others many times that I could never adopt an older child but I was glad God called others to do so. 
Why not? For me, I saw the older children as
 - having too much hurt
 - having too much trauma/baggage
 - high probability of having attachment/bonding issues
 - too high risk

Do you know what I've learned since then? 
It's NOT about ME! 

Deb (in the above video) also said "God told me she is supposed to be my daughter.  What the heck am I supposed to do about that?"
I completely understand what Deb meant by that statement because when we were called to adopt Guan Ya, it was a very strong calling.  Until we started the road to adoption, I didn't know if I even believed these strong callings others claimed to have about things.  We had never before experienced such a strong calling and this (adopting an older child) was something I didn't think I was capable of doing.  Our family had always been very close and how could I.........well, I'm still learning.  I'm not perfect but I love all our children no matter what.  Each day my goal is to show them that I love them selflessly & unconditionally and that Christ loves them even more than I do (even though my small mind cannot wrap around the thought of more love than my heart holds for them).

Phil & I were talking on the way home from Biloxi yesterday.  He asked me if I had ever thought about the people God calls for certain tasks.  God has been calling unskilled & ordinary people for jobs since the beginning of time. 
We spoke about Mary.  Why was Mary chosen to be Jesus’ mother?  

(Picture provided by GiGi's Light Photography)
What an incredible role Mary played in the Word.  She wasn’t some awesome & great mother that was chosen to be the mother of Jesus; nope, she didn't have children & wasn't even married.  How likely was it that she was the most skilled?
Phil & I spoke of Paul & how he never thought he was a great speaker. 
We also discussed David.  Do we really think he was prepared & “the best man for the job” to battle the 9+ft tall Philistine giant, Goliath?  David was the youngest of his brothers & even had to persuade King Saul to let him battle Goliath. 
We discussed many other examples in the Bible and we in no way compare to them but our role is important – just as yours!

In the wise words of my husband on why we were chosen: “Niki, you know we have way more heart than money and skills and that is why we were called to adopt.  He takes care of the rest.”   
No  doubt!  We don’t always have all the answers laid before us but our Father knows best so we follow His lead on our next steps! Yes, we are very blessed and He is always by our side.  

If He is calling you for a job & you feel unprepared, remember He knows best.  Follow by Faith & He will provide the rest.

If you are interested in knowing more about Project HOPEFUL, you can visit their Faceboook page here & their website here.

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