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Friday, July 1, 2011

May 20 at 9:33am - This process is going to be harder than we thought

Oh my, this is going to be harder than I thought. I have read 3 profiles of available children & how will we ever pick when the time comes? Please start praying for us now that God will lead us to our child when the time comes as picking our child may be the hardest part! They are all so precious; I know we will want to take them all {of course this isn't possible. lol}.

This is bits of the description in one 2y/o child: a lively & adorable child, perceptive, obedient, and good-natured, often helps the children who are younger pick up toys, takes own toys & gives it to other children to cheer them up, concentrates very hard on music & dances when hears a familiar song, calls little boys in books brother, will give most loved toys & food & share with other children {My kids would corrupt in no time! haha}

O.k. some of the descriptions say they aren't so sharing, stubborn, etc. {stubborn would probably fit in better with our children lol}. Just kidding our children are really wonderful! We are proud of them & love them so much! We are so proud of their excitement to share love with another in our family! They love each other dearly but have that sibling love {We think they may kill each other sometimes, but no one else better mess with the other! lol}

Thank you all for your support & prayers! God bless each one of you!
May 20 at 9:33am

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