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Saturday, July 2, 2011

June 8 at 5:51pm - First of Phil's posts

Wow, this is Facebook. You know this could totally change the way people communicate. Imagine what it could do for people who want to stay in touch with old friends and see the significant events that have happened to them over the years. Anyway, this is sorta uncharted territory for me. I have been writing now for well over ten years and have never been in the position to actually have my stuff read. Plus, Niki is such a great scribe that it would be difficult for me to shed any more light on our adventure. I do want to thank all of the folks that have posted on our wall and have kept us in your prayers. I am rarely very serious, but in my short 40 years around, I have seen the awesome power of God and his plan for us. Its hard to hear his call with all the other noise going on, but I do believe that if we pay close attention we will know the unique space we share and what we are supposed to do. That is why we (Niki & I) are on this road. It can be bitter. It can move you in ways that turn you inside-out. It can consume you with a joy that could never come from the toys of this world. So we continue on. Keep us close. Yes, we had a crappy night but today is a new day. I like to think of life as an escalator. It is never really broken, only temporarily stairs. We had to do a little walking last night, but never slowed down.
June 8 at 5:51pm

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