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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wow, it's here!!!!!!!

Wow, it's here!!!!!!! 
It's REALLY here!!!! 
Overly EXCITED but Sooooo many emotions right now eventhough we've been preparing for over a year! We've never adopted nor been out of the US so these MS hillbillies will meet China next week - don't know if China is ready for us! lol
 I know God will provide & it's all in His hands! 
He will move all mountains!  

We will arrive in Beijing on, or before, 7/12/2012 (which puts us leaving by next Wednesday - flying close to 24 hours)

Consulate appointment confirmations for Group 1884- 

Consulate appointment is confirmed for 7/26/2012

Our group will take the oath on the afternoon of 7/26/2012 & we will receive GiGi’s visa on the afternoon of 7/27/2012.

O.k. my faithful prayer warriors, we REALLY need your prayers!  Thank you for being part of bring home our precious daughter!  Words are not enough!  

If you want to follow us while we are in China you will have to subscribe to our blogspot!  We have been told we should be able to update it & add pictures, but we will NOT have access to facebook.  Soooooooooooooo go now & click "Join this site" (look to the margin to the right...this way -->)!  You have followed our story & do not want to miss our uniting with our daughter!  I have no doubt us rednecks could have a show about us meeting China & you will not want to miss the laughter!

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