Long Road to China - Our Adoption Story

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Saturday, July 28, 2012


Dear Lord,  You've always taken care of me & provided!  I'm so sorry for my times of doubt & little faith!  Thank you for loving me in all my shortcomings, giving us a precious daughter, giving us food & shelter,giving us good health, a good night sleep, wonderful Christians that are willing to help us, surrounding us with Christian friends that are here with us & will pray for us, a wonderful church family that has provided much support, for allowing us to be together, & most of all for sending your only Son to die for my sins.  There are so many things I should be thankful for that you have provided & I'm so unworthy!  The things I've mentioned above do not even start to scratch the surface!  Thank you for friends that have carried me through their prayers.  I'm awake & refreshed with renewed strength & faith!  I love you Lord!  Thank you for providing & for sending us on this journey!  I'm here to service you!  I beg of you to let me know the path you want me to follow & I will follow where you lead!  Amen! Niki

I was so exhausted last night that I just passed out on  the bed.  I was emotionally drained!  We are on our way to church.  I pray for each of you as you pray for us!  We need to be with Christians so we are headed to church on Shamian Island.  We have leads we will follow when we return.  Thank you so very much for every lead, prayer, support, encouragements & the information you have  provided!  We have not answered each of you so please think we are ungrateful!  We are following up on emails, names, information as soon we return.  We just feel we need to be at this church.  We will continue to update you & we appreciate everything you have done to help!  We are so unworthy & have asked so much but you just continue to support, pray, & carry of through!  Thank you is not appropriate as we are in awe of your faithfulness!

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