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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wednesday morning.......

Many people have asked & Nope, still no refunds from United.  Phil had to call them again last night about our  flight seats (a totally different issue) & the rep was just so rude!  I don't know if they dislike their job, if they are overworked, or why they cannot be nice when we call???  

We have prayer requests today.  Colt was getting sick yesterday & woke up feeling worse.  We started him on antibiotics last night.  I think it's just allergies & we have been lucky not to be sick prior to now.  

Also, we have friends flying out today.  Please keep them in your prayers for a safe flight!  Both families are flying home with their adopted daughter & have had issues with United also.  Also pray that their children fly with no problems!  I know it can be unnerving on a 20+ hour flight! Then adding the unknown of how your child will react to this long in the air can be even more stressful.

We are so grateful for our rock....YOU that have helped & supported us!


  1. Love the pictures! I hope Colt is better soon.

  2. Your kids are beautiful. Praying United will work with you!