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Friday, July 27, 2012

The last 20 hours

I'm going to try & catch you all up on what is going on by messages I've sent/posted else where since yesterday:

If you are up, please pray for us! The consultant is having problems getting all of our children's visa issued. They closed 20+ min ago & we still have not gotten them. It's looking grim for getting them today. If we don't get them today, it will be Monday afternoon (couldn't fly out until Tuesday at earliest!) & we are suppose to fly out on Sunday. I'm not sure our insurance will cover a situation like this & GiGi's return flight cost $2,200 (we have round trip so not sure of the cost, but I think you see my point) Not to mention the cost of staying additional days.
(17 hours ago)

No more visa will be issued out today so we are here until atleast Tuesday. I've got to check on our flight insurance to see what it covers. Please continue to pray for us as this is a really huge huge deal if our insurance will not cover.
(16 hours ago)

Phil just talked to them about insurance. They will NOT cover for this! I'm trying to see what our options are & how much it is to change flights, if we can change our flights, etc - even though we do not know when we can depart. Phil is speaking with our rep here in China to get all the details & I will let u know as we know.
(15.5 hours ago)

We are still checking on everything, but it looks as if we will have a credit of $700 per person to go toward fights returning home.......maybe you could all visit us in China..........Just kidding parents! Return flights are $2050each to return for EACH of us. I'm trying to laugh to keep from crying! I have no idea why but this is happening for a reason. I'm not to know only trust & we are trying to keep the faith! We are checking the cost to continue staying here verses going to another hotel. We also checked the price of the kids & I returning & Phil & GiGi staying in China. However, we have to fly out of Hong Kong to use the $$$ toward another flight. We would have duplicate charges for hotels & traveling from here to HK. It would only save us a few hundred dollars for us to split up by the time we paid for traveling to HK 2xs & rooms there, etc. We are going to check stand by prices & see if we can use the $$$ toward that also. We are checking everything so please continue to pray for us! I will not lie in saying we are so thankful our family is united but it is stressful for us right now! Thank you all for your continued support! You know there will be yard sales when we get home! ha
Oh and GiGi got her first busted lip during all this & Colt appears to have an ear infection. Just thought I'd ask for all the prayers at once. Maybe my next post will not be so grim. We have not eaten since morning so we've got to grab a bite. We will keep you updated.
(14 hours ago)

Looks like we will be here until ATLEAST next Saturday -----YES, 8 more days! WOW!!! Anyone got any ideas or suggestions??? If we were still in Beijing then we might be able to get paid tips for pics with Macy Jade (remember when I posted about everyone wanting her pic there! lol) Wowy, I'm wondering what plans God has for us here that many more days???
(10 hours ago)

We have heard of a Christian church on Shamain Island & we plan to attend it this Sunday. I'm sure there will be much to tell. We went ahead & rebooked & paid for flights for next Saturday (4th). There was a typhoon that shut down HK for several days this week. If we didn't book for the 4th, it was going to be the 7th before we could leave without paying for first class tickets. That Tuesday was only going to cost alittle over $100 less per ticket. I think I'm going to have to process all this tonight as I'm honestly overwhelmed. I think Phillip is going to get on here in a few. I keep looking at that silly giggly tiny girl that keeps calling me Mama & remember that we are only here a short time! Hearing her & seeing the difference a few days has already made in her has made it more than worth it all! God has some plan - He just hasn't let me in on it yet! lol
(9 hours ago)

Remembering the reason we are here:

--->>>First, because we were following God's plan!

.........................Which lead to..........................

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