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Sunday, July 22, 2012

We made it here!!! YEAH

We are here & yes, we made it yesterday!  We tried & tried to get on the internet last night but even the engineer couldn't get us on! ha! Inside joke since that is my brother's profession, but actually the engineer did come in last night! I will have to explain all that later!  

I just wanted to let all know it appears we will now have internet service & I will update you all as much as possible!  We are all doing better than anyone could expect & are having the best time together!  We also have a McDonald's right next door - I do not like Mc but it was delicious last night after eating out of vending machines last stop!  

We have toured this a.m. & are eating out as a group tonight.  

I cannot believe we leave China in a week!  WOW! We are going out for a bit.  I will update more soon, but wanted to let everyone know we are here & doing well!  This place is so much nicer than the last city!!!  Blessings to all!

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