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Saturday, July 28, 2012

What is happening today???? Super frustrated!

Last night I was frustrated but feeling what is there for me to do???  Our China rep said that we would have to wait until ATLEAST Monday to get visas & United acted as if they were booking up & the soonest we could fly out was next Saturday for a fee of $4000!  The next date was Tuesday the 7th for $3500 but it would cost us more for the cost of staying here, Phil would miss school & the kids would get home the night before they were to return to school with major jetlag!

What was I to do??  I was panicked, feeling isolated from eveyone that could help, & no way to call home for less than about $10 per min.  Today the following has occurred.  

Our agency has emailed us THIS MORNING stating that they were working & trying to get the visas done today.  WHY did they not tell us this yesterday prior to us all rebooking & spending the night rearranging everything????  I finally got ahold of our China rep here & she acted like she has not spoken with our agency & knew nothing of visas being completed today.

On top of that it cost us over $4000 to change our flights to Saturday....that was the soonest they acted like we could get out of here.  The next would be the following Tuesday (7th) and that would be only be $500 cheaper {costing more when adding in the cost of staying here that many more days}.  

I also woke up to finding out the other families affected are NOT being gouged like this!!!  One family changed this morning & got on the SAME flight we were trying to get on.  They were charged NOTHING to change & are the same size family flying as our family! Why were we told we COULD NOT fly out until Saturday???  WHY are we being charged $4000 to fly out later????  This family was originally told the cost would be $7000 (we were originally told the same amount).  We've been on the phone with the airlines for hours & cannot get it straight!

The other families were able to change flights for $500 total for all of them!  I'm in tears & we cannot get anywhere with the airlines.  We are trying to deal with them but we cannot get anywhere.  We are going to work with someone else, but do not know if anything can be done!  If anyone knows how to deal with them, PLEASE let me know!  


  1. Just found your blog through a friend. First...I am totally praying right now for you guys!! Second, my friend (& fellow adoptive mama) is a travel agent (specializing in adoptive families). I've emailed her but you can email her directly, too....maybe she can help. Her name is Erica Shubin erica.shubin@gmail.com

  2. Nikki, do you have Skype? You can call computer to phone for only 2.3 cents per minute. Let me know if you need help, it's easy to set up. You just go to www.skype.com and you can set up an account, then just click, call phone. Calling computer to computer is free, but computer to phone is cheap. We had to do that to call our neighbors, my sister, my mom, and Mark's visa company. Also, I shared your FB link to a friend in FL who I think works for United.

  3. Niki - Have you talked to United in China? Did you get a US based agent? If you have already paid the fees, your only option is to contact Customer Care when you get back at United.com. Top right corner, contact us. I agree it isn't fair that United would waive the fees for one, but not the other. It is at the discretion of each agent. I am sorry you are being put through the ringer.

    My email is Fullerbart@msn.com. I am Susan's friend in Florida who works for United.

    1. Sorry Nicole for not thanking you. I'm a little lost when it comes to working this blog.

      That is great information to get. I'm going to look at their website right now and see what I can do. Thank you again. Please keep us in your prayers.

    2. This is Phil. Niki is great at blogging, but she is just completely worn out from the emotional week and what has been going on since Friday.

  4. Niki and I appreciate what everyone is doing to help and mostly appreciate the prayers. We are still trying to work things out here. I'll post more when (and if) we find out anything. Thanks again.

    Thanks Susan, I'm going to look into Skype. That would help out a bunch.

    Overflowing, Thanks for the lead. I will definitely get in touch with her.

  5. Hey, my name is Nich and I work for United MileagePlus. Our mutual friend, Acie Carmen, informed me of your situation and asked me to help. I would love to help you and your family but I will preface that I cannot promise anything at this time. You can contact me via facebook (username: kenastnu), Skype (username: kenastnu), or email me at nich@dakotamountaindesign.com

    God Bless