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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday night...Ugh

I know everyone is waiting to hear how things are here.  We are all together so that is most important!  

We could not get our flights changed from Saturday which means we will have the extra expenses of staying an extra week than planned.  We got a message from Senator Wicker's office & Kim said that United Airlines had agreed to refund us for the additional charges.  I'm so grateful to their office for spending time to help us!   I hate to sound negative, but with all the time we have spent feuding with United, I wasn't going to get too excited until I saw a refund on our credit card.  We were asked to allow up to12 hours for the credit to appear on our bill.  Welllllllllll, that was 18 hours ago & it has not appeared yet.  I'm still hopeful & hoping not to have hours of headaches to fix it!  I'm going now to contact Senator Wicker's office, United, & anyone else I need to see what is happening.

I have had some of the very sweetest, kindest & compassionate messages!  I will get back to you ASAP; unfortunately I have to deal with United first.  Please know that they really lift our spirits & often bring us to tears!  Tears of joy & humbleness that others are so caring.  

I'll end for now on a sweet note!  GiGi started saying last night "Uv Lou" to Phil & I!  It's her version of Love You & it couldn't sound any sweeter!!! 
The best part was she was laying in bed & said loudly "MaMa".  
I said "What baby?"  
GiGi said "Uv Lou" !   (She was not repeating us, but initiated it!)
My heart melted like she has never before melted it!  And I broke out into a funky dance party (almost waking Colt & Macy Jade)!  Of course I heard "MaMa, Uv Lou "  hundreds of times after she thought my dance was the funniest thing ever & every Uv Lou got that dance from MaMa! 
She did eventually tell DaDa "Uv Lou" but since he isn't as crazy as Mama; I got more "Uv Lou's"!
Another reason this was so awesome is in the past we could not even get her to repeat Love you in any form!  Everytime we would say "Love you!"  She would be a stinker & shake her head "No" & laugh!

Just before I got on here, she came to me &  started hugging & swaying on me then initiated a kiss.  She has initiated kisses on Daddy today too!  I think she is truly happy even though she can pitch a crying, arm throwing, leg kicking fit as any other child!  We love all 3 of our kids so very very much!  Each one is so unique & different!  It's strange how there has really been no adjustment period with the 5 of us.  Once GiGi was placed with us, we are just a family!  Thank you for all of your prayers & support for our family!

I could write forever about things that have happened, but I need to go frustrate a United Airlines personnel! lol  We are so thankful for you & continue to pray for you all!  I'll let you know as soon as I know more!  Maybe I'll have time to post more about our angel & not issues next time!  Love to you all!  Niki


  1. OH MY!! My heart is bursting!! She is a different little girl than the one we saw in March and I'm so so happy!!!
    I feel so bad your having such problems with United! We too had a terrible time with them in March.
    But on a funnier note, here is a video that you should watch... it is by a local band, here in Canada, that also flew United and then posted a video about it! It's hilarious. Maybe you should mention this video to United, they found out about it, (he has over 12 million hits on it) and fixed the problem!! Maybe Phil should do up a video? lol

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo

    sorry forgot the link lol

  3. I hope they have given the refund by now. There is no way we could take a hit like that. You know Jer doesn't get worked up over much, but he is over this. He has emailed United's Media Relations dept. and threatened to contact news outlets and the FTC for the gouging and unfair treatment. If he threatened it, he sure as heck meant it. Let's hope they get it straightened out quickly.