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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Counting down the hours

We are counting down the hours until our family is complete for this moment!  All the families leave in about 7 hours headed to a central location to get our children for the first time ever!  How exciting!!!!!!  We cannot wait!  We are now at Zhengzhou & will stay here about a week.  Once GiGi is put in our arms, she will not leave our side!  Here is our projected plan for our group:

Today:  Gotcha Day GiGi Dahl Smith!!!!!

7/17  - Adoption Registration (I got tickled on the paper because it said "Please note that your adoption is finalized at the time of registration.  After this point the Chinese government prohibits you from relinquising your child in China."  I guess after that no point there is no returning our children! ;0) 

7/18 - Possible trip to local market to get needed items.  (Note: The Wal-Mart is multiple stories here!)

7/19 - Get notary documents on GiGi

7/20 - Apply for GiGi's passport

7/21 - Leave Zhengzhou for Guangzhou (flight 12:50-15:05)

7/22 - Bonding time 

7/23 - Complete GiGi's visa physical & visa photo

7/24 - more medical apts

7/25 - prepare paperwork for Consulate appointment

7/26 - Consulate appointment

7/27 - Get via packet

7/28 - Take a van to Hong Kong

7/29 - Depart for US with our family of 5
We will arrive at the Memphis airport around 6pm

Please pray for all of us as you faithfully have been!  We got some paperwork on GiGi today.  It says she likes a bath, likes plush toys, likes dogs, no known allergies, & lists 3 roommates.  It also describes her as a little introverted & quit - guess she is more like her Daddy! ;0)   She is sometimes afraid of strangers & quiet when she meets strangers.  
Of course we aren't strangers, but she doesn't know that yet!  I don't think it will take her long at all to get over her fear with her siblings!  Colt & Macy Jade are so excited!  Macy Jade is starting to have a little anxiety about not being the baby & not being Daddy's only little girl, but she is more excited than anxious.  Macy has been so big today & helped me wash clothes (yeap in the room since it was going to be $3USD or more if getting it done).  

I know it will be an adjustment for all of us!  We've hung around the room today & tried to just spend time with Colt & Macy & talked about getting GiGi!  It's still VERY surreal that we are even in China & even more surreal that we are soon to hold our daughter/sister that we've waited on meeting for almost a year!   

I will post pic & updates as soon as possible!  I have no access to update except in the room.  Tonight I've tried to upload pics & 2xs I've been knocked off in the process.  We will update ASAP & have pic of all 3 of our beautiful children!

It's 2:30am & for some strange reason I cannot sleep! ha  I'm going to try & upload some more pics for you on the blogspot today of our last few days & I hope I can get them to go through!  Thank you for sharing our journey with us!  
Have a blessed day!

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