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Monday, July 16, 2012

Gotcha Day GiGi Dahl Smith

I cannot imagine things going any better with GiGi than they have today!  GiGi was there when we arrived along with one other little boy so we got her as soon as we walked in!  She cried about 4 or 5 min after they handed her to us.  I got punched in the face by her fist & a plastic bowling pin but other than that, perfection!!!!! 

As you can see by her pics, she is absolutely beautiful!!!!  She LOVED Macy Jade & would not let anyone else hold her for about 45min!  She is still partial to Macy but will let any of us hold her…..not only without fuss, but usually with a silly giggle!  We got her to calm down by some snacks & she would reach into the container & grab her bites…….she is so rotten ALREADY that she just opens her mouth when she wants something!  Nope, she doesn’t care about putting the food in her mouth & will grunt at us if we don’t put it in her mouth immediately! Lol  However, she is so sweet, silly, & adorable that we all fuss over who is going to put the bite in & she gets tickled.

While everyone was finishing paper work, Macy whispered to me I think she peed.  I checked & she had.  Her updates yesterday said she was potty trained but I honestly expected her to regress with the trauma of being uprooted, language barrier, & everything.  I had prepared & brought diapers & a change of clothes.  She let us change her & would just grin at us with those big sweet dimples!  Macy of course had to put on her headband & bow.  I expected her to make a big fuss but she didn’t seem to mind.  Actually, she fussed on the bus when we tried to take it off!

When we left, she had reached out her hands to her dada so it just made his day even better!  On the bus ride back to the hotel, she was very content & acted sleepy.  On the way to the room Macy Jade finally put her down & let her walk.  GiGi just grinned & took Macy & Colt’s hand headed down the hallway.  Well, she is so tiny & I had a 24 month outfit on her & the bloomers fell down.  GiGi stopped dead still & looked down.  We started laughing & she was laughing so hard! 

We got to the room & the room key was acting up so Phil went to get another one made as it’s acted funny the entire time.  GiGi sat between Colt & Macy Jade in the hallway & wanted some juice out of the cup we had.  I was going to give her a sip but she acted like it was not a big deal & wanted to hold the cup.  I gave her the cup as we were at the room & it wouldn’t be long until I could change her.   The joke was on me as that cup was not a problem at all to her & she drank a ton of it without spilling a drop!  Colt went to check it one time & GiGi thought he was taking it away from him & she grunted at him & gave him an eyebrow up! Lol

We get in the room expecting her to sleep, but that was a pretty funny thought too!  She just got sillier & sillier!  She giggles out loud & will just throw her head on the bed belly laughing!  Almost everything is funny to that sweet angel!  When she laughs, she shows her teeth & dimples & it is absolutely the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!  It melts my heart every time!  However, what has melted Phil’s heart is that she has said DaDa not once but 2xs in the room….nope not even kidding & she has that big ol’ silly grin after she says it!  Yeap, she is going to be a Daddy’s girl too!

She will let us know what she wants too!  She wanted the TV on & she kept pointing & uhuhuhing until Colt turned it on.  She would giggle out loud when the show she wanted to watch was on while flipping through the channels. It was about birds & I have no idea what she was saying as it was in her Chinese language but it was definitely funny to her!  Also, since we have been in the room she has peeped 5xs……nope again not kidding!  She lets us know by rubbing her tummy & being a tiny bit fussy until we take her in.  As soon as we walk in the bathroom she is all smiles.  As soon as she goes, she starts giggling out loud!

She has eaten like crazy & we are trying to limit her so she doesn’t get sick.  She loves to be pushed in the stroller & thinks the kids are hilarious!  She mimics everything we do & it is the funniest thing!  If Macy crosses her legs, GiGi watches so closely & makes sure to keep looking at Macy until she gets her legs crossed exactly the same.  Phil had a sucker in his hand & she had to put hers in the same hand as Phil.  Then she had to make sure her hand was exactly on the sucker stick as her DaDa’s! 

I could go on & on about her silly sweet ways & the ways she gets teased to the point of covering up her face at times when she giggles, but you are probably getting bored of it!

She did not want to go to sleep but I finally walked her to sleep & was able to put her down.  She is napping now. 

I know many have asked about her medical condition. As far as her scoliosis, it is very obvious when her shirt is off.  You can tell from the both her front & back.  However, it has not slowed her down a bit!  We have tried to notice her walking on a tip-toe, but she does not!  She walks, runs & climbs steps with no problem.  Without her shirt on, you would have no idea that she had scoliosis!  She is amazing to say the very least!  We were prepared for her to arrive to us in any condition, but she was so clean & very well kept!  I had really thought her previous medical records had a mistake saying she was 19lbs, but they are probably very accurate!  She is TINY but her personality is huge! 

Everyone in our group has made comments about how she just seemed so happy & clung right to Macy.  It’s amazing how well she just seems like she has always been with us!  Words cannot describe our joy & love for our GiGi Dahl!  Thank you each & everyone for following our journey!  I honestly believe that each prayer you have made for our family has made the transition so easy!  I hope that we can share some of our joy by letting you in on our journey!  

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  1. Congratulations!!! She looks beautiful and soo healthy (compared to when we saw her with a runny nose! ;) I'm so happy your gotcha day went so smoothly!