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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

O.k. I need something from all of you....

I'm pretty positive you will want to read to the end of this post to find out  about newest news.  I'm going to make you read all of it before you read about our miracle child! :0)

O.k. I need something from all of you!!!!!!
I mean we are getting our daughter!

 I NEED YOU TO PRAY for Guan Ya & for all of us!  
She is so excited to get a family but the transition at the age of 14 years old couldn't be the easiest.  
We need to have her a birthday party when we get back to the US.....whatchathink??? 
Getting everything together to go to China has not even crossed my mind until last night!
I NEED YOU TO PRAY for our FUNDRAISERS  to be a SUCCESS!!! AND PRAY FOR THOSE that have spent many, many  long hours to make it a success!  PLEASE come join us & bring friends because our hosts have put so many hours into these & without people, there cannot be success!  That is just disheartening when people have worked so hard to prepare!  So I'm not even asking you to come for me, but come to show the ones hosting it how grateful you are for their long hours spent to prepare it!
Just as a bonus....GiGi will be there! :0)

We still have our 31 ONLINE Fundraiser here
This fundraiser is only happening another 5 days.

Restaurant Coupons

Change a Child's life 
We would like to get a total on the amount of change collected next week so if possible please turn it in by this weekend!  It's still not too late to collect it!  This is a great way to get your kids involved and they love to be a part!

We ARE still doing our 300 puzzle pieces and drawing

Once donations started coming in, the puzzle piece buying almost halted completely.  We still need to sell these pieces to help pay for prior fees.  In less there is another miracle (which is absolutely possible!) we will not be drawing for this until after we return from China & can sell more pieces.  Again, that depends completely on YOU and how many pieces we sale.  Our puzzle for Guan Ya needs to be completed before we draw for the prize! :0)

SHARE our Fundraisers & STORY 
& CONTINUE Following!

Now the part you've been reading for, but please take my above requests to heart!  We need prayers & I pray daily you will be blessed by our journey!

I do not know what had happened to communication between us & Guan Ya!  The last I had heard from her she would not be able to contact me for a day or 2 because of exams.  That was in January.  I've messaged her almost daily even though I wasn't getting messages from her.  Sometimes my message just said  we loved you!  TODAY I got a message from her- first since January! 

"Long time and you did not contact, but I have to hear from you! I miss you, I love you! Guan Ya"

She must not have been getting my messages!  I cannot tell you what it means to hear from her again!  Oh we love our daughter!  Tears again are falling to hear from her!  We are coming soon baby and we do not have to worry about emails not getting to you!!!!!  We will be able to hold you and give you the love you deserve!  I'm humbled to be this miracle child's mom!

When I look at our countdown pictures

They have such a different meaning!  
I know that I will be united with our daughter within the next 15 days!  

I have been super excited but the realization just struck me last night between 11-12pm.  I woke up Phil and he wasn't amused with me shaking him yelling like a mad person
"Phil, PHIL, PHIL!!!!! 
 LIKE VERY SOON!!!!!!!  

He grumbled something in his sleepy state about
 'yeah, I know!  We need to pack!'
I said "YES, WE NEED TO PACK!!!!"
He grumbled but not now!
Me:  Oh yeah, I need to sleep!

My heart was racing and my mind was about to blow up with the magnitude of everything!  I'd been in fight mode so much about going to get our daughter that it has been hard to grasp WE ARE GOING TO GET OUR DAUGHTER!

The shock wore off and total excitement exploded last night so what else is there to do but text your best friend at this time of night - right? :0)
She was like "Yeah, I know!"
Well, how did everyone else know this and not in shock as I'm yelling it from the tops of my lungs....oh yeah, I guess I told you all & You got it!  I was delayed in the magnitude!

Getting Guan Ya's message this morning, just shot my excitement into space!
We will be leaving in less than 2 weeks!!!!  We are so blessed by each of you!!!!  THANK YOU for being part of this journey & being a part of bringing home our daughter!!!!!
We love you all!

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