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Sunday, February 3, 2013

What will the next 31 days hold?

After a call from PayPal this afternoon telling me someone had turned us in for our 300 piece puzzle pieces/investment into Guan Ya and drawing - which they said was not illegal, but PayPal could not accept payment after we were turned in- we can no longer accept payment through PayPal for our pieces of the puzzle.  (NOTE:  To the large number fundraising adoptive families that have drawings or stores onlines that do drawings after purchase, etc.  You cannot use PayPal and offer any type/size of drawing for a prize.  If you do and someone turns you in, you will get a call by PayPal.)   
We are only promoting this fundraiser here & we are selling pieces of a puzzle that will be an investment in Guan Ya's life.   After our 300 piece puzzle is completed, we will have a drawing for the prize mentioned in our previous post HERE
Our local grocery stores offer the same type of prize giveaways each week when you purchase groceries and put your ticket into the big turning shaped barrel.  I could list off the numerous stores that offer a drawing after purchase, but I'm sure you had rather get to the Superbowl (as I will be getting back to Science Fair projects).  Our drawing after the purchase of each of the 300 puzzle piece is a thank you to you for your purchase and support! 

I guess as a very good, sweet, & knowledgeable friend of mine said best today
 "The closer you walk with God the more the devil works against you.  If you are far from Christ's path and plan then the devil has nothing to fear.  It's not the easy path; it's the righteous one." 

If you are at a SuperBowl party tonight or really anywhere, PLEASE share about our 300 piece puzzle, investment in Guan Ya and prize drawing. 
Thank you & in the words of Forest Gump
"That's all I have to say about that."

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