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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Final Push......

This is AWESOME!!! 


We need one more push to get this met  ASAP!!!

 Please read on our other site about the $2,000 in 

fees they charged us on the $22,500. Our $22,500 goal still 

lacks $3,360 ($2,205 due to GoFundMeFees & $1,145  to

 hit our goal) GoFundMe charged us fees but didn't include  

their deduction in our total met. 


I know we can get this knocked out 

within the next 24 hours 

if you will just help us by sharing again!!!!! 

Thank you!!!! 




GoFundMe may not like my big fat green $ eating 

So we now have 2 GoFundMe sites to try and clarify why we were lacking $2,205 more due to fees.  
The one directly below the green $ eating monster 
& our original GoFundMe account here

You have blessed us so very much already!  I cannot wait to show Guan Ya how many people love her!!!!
Would you help us with this last push????
It's a 24 HOUR PUSH to get the remainder funds ($3,360)
 online met.

If you are willing to pray for this need to be met within the next 24 hours, please place your name & location below this post.
We will be traveling in less than 2 weeks
I'm honestly thinking we could be traveling in one week.
So if you are willing to share & pray for this need ($3,360) to be met we would be most grateful!!!

John 14:13-14 
Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me  
anything in my name, I will do it

Lord you have been so good to us!!!  Thank you for all the blessings!  I praise & glorify your name alone!  You know our need and I have Faith you will provide!!!  Thank you for all your wonderful servants that you have sent our way to fulfill your will for Guan Ya!  I'm sorry when I doubt your abilities & my faith lacks!  I give it all to you Father!  You have my heart & my life!  I praise you for the people that follow our blogspot and I pray that you will give very special blessings to each of them as they have blessed us!  
I Love you & thank you for always loving me!
Please be with our precious Guan Ya!

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  1. We have 4 adopted teen treasures from China and we know the JOY of parenting this precious children. We are praying for you and know God WILL come through for your daughter:)