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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Please Lord....

Lord, I know you hear my cries and feel my pain!  I know your tears fall as mine flood like a river.
Often my children will come to me with their arms up because they are hurt and want me to hold them, kiss them, and tell them I love them.  Oh my Father, tonight I'm my children crying with my arms up!  I need you to hold me, kiss me, tell me it's going to be alright!  I know you never leave my side!!!

I never doubt God's divine plan but some days are easier than others!  Some days my continual prayer is 
Please Lord let your will be done!  
Other days as today I pray, beg, cry & plead all day
 Please Lord bring my daughter home!  
I know His will is best but my heart loves my daughter & I will not go without  a fight!  I still really feel my daughter will come home to us so don't think I'm in doubt!  Some days are just harder & today was one of them!  She has 18 DAYS!!!!  
Keep praying for Guan Ya, us, the paperwork push, the funds, and for God's will to be done!  He knows our heart and knows our desires!  Love to all of you!

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  1. Praying for you and for Guan Ya!!!! Please Lord help them bring this girl home!