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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Double Dog Dare TODAY.......

Guan Ya is now in the SINGLE digits of days she has left to be adopted!!!!

Today I have a massive headache that is on the verge of a migraine!   Yes, I'm sure it's stress related, but I have GOT to get it controlled before it gets full blown!  Which likely means lying in a quiet dark place....which I of course have NO time for but I don't have time for a full migraine either!

I have not been able to book flights yet, but it is highly likely we will be leaving in 3 days after looking at the flights last night! Next Tuesday, we will be united with our beautiful Guan Ya!  Next Wednesday, we will complete her adoption and forever be a family!

Everyone has done so very much for us that words just do not cover our hearts of gratefulness!  The love you have shown for our daughter is greater than I could have ever imagined!  We pray God will bless each of you as you have blessed us!  I hate to ask anything else of you, but we were given a "match fund" by a family. I know many of you have given so very much of time, prayer, encouragement, donations, & so much more.  However, if you have considered giving a monetary donation, may I ask that you please give today because Guan Ya's donations given today will be doubled for every dollar!  And if you feel led, PLEASE share the following anywhere you would like (FB, blogs, emails, tweet, word of mouth, etc)  We have had $135 total donated at  (=$270) YEAH!!!! Please keep praying & sharing!!  Our goal is to have $1,115 more donated today so if you can help us meet that goal in prayer, sharing, donating any amount, it would help lift a burden from us.

I have a lot to do before we leave and I need to get this headache gone so I can be 100%+.  Please pray that it will be gone ASAP & that everyone will stay well!  I'm trusting you to help spread the word today as I am now going to rid this headace!  We need your continued prayers to carry us through!  

This is the message I posted last night & you are welcome to Copy & Share this message:

Last night we t had an incredible offer from the Reilly family!!!! They have offered to MATCH every dollar donated up to $1,250 that is sent though Guan Ya's paypal account https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=3JP9XTQ2JDMWL 

This is what Mrs. Cathy stated:
"Okay..so here is a "double dog dare" for everyone. The Reilly's will match every dollar donated by the end of the day tomorrow
(which is now TODAY)  February 26th, up to $1,250. So, with matching we can reach $2,500. please donate though paypal so they get the funds ASAP.

Kevin(Gracie's BaBa) Cathy (Gracie's Mom) ....And...Matt, Chris, Sarah, YaoYao, Jack, and Mei Mei"

PLEASE SHARE!!!!! If you donate $50, then it will be matched with $50 so for your $50, we get $100 thanks to the Reilly family!!!!

If you've heard me speak then you know about Gracie's room that GiGi was in while in the orphanage in China! We give credit to Gracie's room for GiGi bonding with us so quickly & having less problems with catching up among many other things. If you do not know about Gracie's room, please read about it here and consider donating! I plan to help Barbara McKissick Bennett with her new position with their program when we return from China. This is about Gracie's room:http://www.dianjiangkids.org/#!what-is-gracies-room/c1q5t
(Do you even recognize that little puff ball playing the xylophone?)

COME on, what are you waiting on???? Go donate so it will be doubled and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! We have not booked flights but we will be leaving on Friday or Saturday!!!! THANK YOU REiLLY FAMILY!!!!!!!

Don't forget our video is featured on Give1Save1Asia


  1. We contacted Todd Gallinek to book our flights. He did all the leg work for almost no fee...and he found us AWESOME flights!!! He books for a lot of adoptive families...and even called me very late at night to get it all taken care of. I can speak for his ability to really get the best deal for you (we flew Korean Air...it was AWESOME and about the same price as United. I wouldn't have even looked at them had he not done the work for me!) His contact info is:

  2. Hi you don't know me.....well I don't know you either..but this girl stole my heart. I had her picture saved on my computer for a while. She is so beautiful and brave. We have a 6 yr old deaf daughter adopted from China 9months ago. Wishing you many blessings on your journey! It is SO hard as a hearing family to learn to communicate another way. May God Bless you for your faith in stepping out in faith. He WILL be there for you! email me anytime if you need someone to talk to. Blessings on your journey! I can't wait to follow along~!