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Friday, February 22, 2013

Pouring like a sponge that can hold no more.....

I was not going to write a blogpost today. However, I'm pouring out tears like a sponge that is being squeezed and can hold no more. When I was called to share our journey with you, I obeyed and I want to share our entire journey regardless of how busy I get.

It has been a roller-coaster tense kind of a few days!  I promise I don't like drama nor am I attention seeking!  The things that happen in our lives cannot be made up!  Our paperwork that has been expedited well........more hangups!  
Surprised? I'm not!  

1.)  Hangups have included the closing of the facility due to a snow storm - trust me when I say this is extremely uncommon!  
2.) Then, we lacked the Chinese documents of  Guan Ya's medical paperwork; we had them in English just not in Chinese.   I went on a great search to find these and did not remember seeing them - good reason why!  The CCCWA did not send these.  I honestly laughed out loud this morning when I figured out we didn't have them.  My contact person probably thought I was nutz (she probably thought this prior to my laughing).  I just said I expected nothing less!  This is just typical for us & I said God's got this!  It's still provokes anxiety but there was nothing I could do about this!    I did think about it for a second & my anxiety wanted to skyrocket because I remembered it was FRIDAY NIGHT around 11p.m. in CHINA where the paperwork sat.  
I mean really - what's the likely hood of getting them today?

Just about the time I started to spiral in a panic, I walk around the corner & see this
and I hear
"Luv Lu tooooooo!"
For those of you that missed it on my FB, this is a guilty look and phrase!

Again, I laughed because what else are you to do when..........well, I'll just say she knew she was in trouble!  
I mean she has the cuteness perfected!

In less than an hour, I get a phone call from our adoption agency.  Our paperwork FROM CHINA was received and sent to our officer so our paperwork could proceed!  Nope, I'm not even kidding!  Again, I laughed and said I'm not even asking because I know this is only by God's hands!

It's not my lack of care that makes me laugh but lack of control so what else is there to do???  Maybe it was just God's way again of letting me know He's got this!

Then, I got a text from Phil.  You see I didn't mention it a lot but he was just torn up for a long while because he knew the odds were not in favor of us adopting our daughter before she aged out.  I mean honestly there was no way to slice it to make it work by looking at everything!  We handle things differently most of the time.  He could not handle the thought of not having his daughter here and the reality of what would likely happen to her!  It was really  more than his daddy heart could handle!  It was no different than being told  this was Macy or GiGi as Guan Ya is equally our daughter in our hearts!

Well, the last week he has started to turn the corner and see the light!  His attitude has changed & as I blog, handle paperwork, etc. he has started nesting!  I love it when he starts to nest!  He has done it with all 4 of our children!  He goes in super Daddy speed to get things done - those of you the know Phil know that it is a defect from birth that causes him to never have this speed! (Love ya hubby but you cannot deny that getting in a rush is not your style!)

This morning during his break, I get a message!  You would have thought God was standing before Him because he was so excited.  (Trust me again when I say I love my hubby but he stays on a pretty flat playing field with his speed, emotions, etc.  For him to get excited it must be something pretty big!

 "Got an email from YaYa!!!!!!!!!!  Forwarded it to ya!!!  
This is really happening!!!" 
(I wish I had Emoji icons on my keyboard because I think he used them all at a minimal of 3xs each!  I didn't know he knew all those icons!  That's how I knew that boy was excited! )

I opened my email to find the sweetest message Phil had sent from Guan Ya to her Daddy!
"I got your message! I'm in school now! But I wanted to know that you are alright? I'm fine now!  Is mother and brother and sisters alright? I am so missing you, I love you!  Yaya"

Oh be still my beating heart!
 Well, he was OVER the moon excited and I was too!  What a precious child God has blessed us with!  This is the point where the tears began to rush like a sponge filled to the max and being squeezed!  Oh baby girl, we will be there soon!  Have I told you how much we love her and how humbled we are that God picked us of all the people in the world to be this sweet girl's parents?
It has been a fight to get her home 
and I don't regret one second of it!!!!

I will also tell you this too about her teddy bear Daddy!  See the girl's are always Daddy's girl's here!  If Mommy says "No", Macy will say, "I knew to ask Daddy first." Yeah, they are the apple of Daddy's eye & they so love their Daddy!   Obviously Guan Ya will be no different!  She has him wrapped just like the other 2 (Colt is more Mommy's boy but NOT the girls!)

On Sunday, I will share with you a special short video (only about 3 min) I made of our journey!  I showed it to Phil last night and he cried!  Wait, do you remember this is the man that basically cries over NOTHING!  It's just Phil & he just doesn't cry so if something makes him cry it's a pretty stinkin' big deal!

O.k. there are my ups & downs & shining daughter!

PLEASE don't forget about our fundraiser tonight!!!! 
It's from 5:30-7:30 & you can drop by and get a to go plate if you cannot stay! There has been a lot of hard work put into this fundraiser by some very special friends so PLEASE come and make it a success!!!
 Thank you!

( I told you I cannot make it short!)

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