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Sunday, February 10, 2013

24 days - what's to gain?

24 DAYS till Guan Ya ages out!  24 DAYS!!!!

This a.m. I wanted to show Colt (9y/o) what God loving (=orphan loving) people can do when we join together for a cause!  When these people come together for 1 person that has NOTHING to give in return but everything to gain! 

What can she gain?  The LOVE (LOVE is all about Christ!) of a FOREVER FAMILY that she has never known! She can be ADOPTED as each of us were ADOPTED - yes, we were (Ephesians 1:4-5; Romans 8:13-17, 23)!  She will gain the knowledge of how she was first adopted by God; the LOVE He has for her is greater than any we can even imagine; she will know the word of  Salvation  & steps to being a Christian which is unlikely for her to hear in China.

As a Christian, I believe all sinned and the only way to have everlasting life is through God, the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit!  One is saved by acknowledging & believing God is the only true Savior, repent of one's sin & confess.  I know I'm saved by God's grace & my eternity is with Him in Heaven!  I know this because I've following His instructions (written in His Word) to becoming a Christian.  If you have not followed the steps to being a Christian, I pray you will today!  If you ever have questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime!  The road to Salvation is the most important road!

As I was showing our son the great amount of LOVE that has been shown to our daughter since Friday through GoFundMe, Colt said "Wow, MOM!  Do you know all those people?" I explained how over 95% of these people I did not know at all!  He said "How did they know?  That is AWESOME!"  I explained how God can multiple when we share & do what He calls us to!  This is the part I loved the most (He understood & demonstrated my entire point within minutes.)
Colt "Mom, God is working to bring Guan Ya home!" 
Me:  "Yes, Colt!  He is but He has given us free will to make our own choices!  God has touched these people to come to Guan Ya's aid, AND they are FOLLOWING His call!" 
Colt: "Mom, NOTHING like this has ever happened to us!"
Me: "No, Colt NOTHING like this has ever happened THROUGH  US!  He called upon us to adopt Guan Ya & we followed His path.  He called upon others to provide the way & THEY are Following His call!"
A few minutes later, Colt says something mean to his sister (you know the typical love between brother & sisters)
Me: "Colt, you know how we were  talking about God working through us?"
Colt:  "Yes!"
Me:  "Do you remember how God was touching your heart by seeing His calling for our lives & others?  Do you remember how others are following?"
Colt:  "Umm, yeah"
Me:  "You had just been touched by God and you know right from wrong.  What did you choose when you were mean to your sister?  That is how we are given free will and can choose the path we take.  We are not perfect and just as you made the decision to do what is right or wrong when you were mean to your sisters, others have the choice to do what is right or wrong when He calls them to Love and care for the orphans!  That is what free will is all about.  These people have PICKED to do the right thing when He leads them."
Colt:  Hanging his head said "I'm sorry!"
Me:  "It's o.k.!  God forgives you & I forgive you!  That's the great thing about God is that He will forgive us when we ask, but we have to learn to make the decision to do the right thing the next time.  I just wanted to show you that God is moving this mountain but this is how others have the free will to do what He calls us to do or what they want to do.  They are CHOOSING to follow God's will!"

Is God Calling you to do ANYTHING today?  If He is calling, will you choose to follow and obey?  It's your free will to do the right thing!  I pray you will pick to walk His path today and always!  We love you all for what you are doing for one orphan child!  If God is touching your heart for her today, please do whatever He is calling  you to do!  We are far from perfect people!  We are flawed humans but ask for daily repentance and try to make better decisions for the future.  

If you feel led to donate, you can donate though our GoFundMe site that is keeping a calculation of our donations as each donation goes through.  The GoFundMe can be found in the right top of this blogspot.  Here is the direct link

For whatever reason you are following our story & sharing, thank you!  Even if you are watching as you cannot stop from watching a train wreck, please keep following!  This mountain is moving though people following God's call!  Keep sharing! I pray you will be blessed throughout this journey we have been called upon!  God bless each of you! You will forever hold a place in our hearts and we will forever love each of you! THANK YOU for the great amount of LOVE you have shown toward Guan Ya!  I cannot wait to show Guan Ya the very long list of names that have loved her & taken a part in bringing her home!  We are humbled God would use us to demonstrate His power of moving a mountain! 
PLEASE keep praying!  Pray specifically for God's will to be done; the paperwork timing to be met before Guan Ya ages out; the financial mountain to be moved; Guan Ya as she waits for the Forever family she has longed for; us as we go through the process; & each other!  I am thankful God has put you in our mission!

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