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Friday, April 20, 2012

WEEK 2 Cards for children Info! House fire

(I'm sorry I've not kept up with the blog as much as I should have!)  I've been posting on FaceBook & most everyone is friends with us there so I've not been posting here.  The date is the actual date this was typed. 
March 29
At the end of February (I think it was 28th), there was a house fire that involved 3 children & their parents in Booneville. I do not know this family but I met their cousin 9 years ago while I worked at the hospital. Their cousin (also named Rena') has always had the biggest heart & has always helped others!

On the morning of the fire, the children escaped & were treated/released from the hospital; however, John & Rena (parents) were not as fortunate. John & Rena Brumley both suffered burns, smoke inhalation, & other injuries. They were both sent to the Med. Sadly, Rena Brumley lost her battle & gained her wings last Friday which was also her eldest son's birthday. Not only have these children lost their home & all their possessions, they have now lost their mother & their father is still in the Med with a long road of recovery. They needs our prayers! You can read about the fire here:http://issuu.com/dailycorinthian/docs/022812_corinth_e-edition

Rena's obituary can be found here:http://obits.dignitymemorial.com/dignity-memorial/obituary.aspx?n=Rena-Brumley&lc=1676&pid=156715656&mid=5044803&locale=en_US

This week these 3 children will be our children for cards.
 Hunter, 17 - Rena, his mom, died on his birthday
Gunter, 14
 Paden, 11
24 931 hwy 4 west
Booneville, MS  38829

Their father, John is still in the med. He needs prayers and support also! It is my understanding that he was not able to leave the Med to go to his wife's funeral.

Thank you so much to the ones that sent letters to Zack last week! For those that didn't, you can still send him cards. To my knowledge, 4 classes of school children & 1 youth group sent letters to Zack. I'm estimating he has gotten over 100 letters from your support (these are just the ones I'm aware of being sent to him)! THANK YOU so much to each of you that sent him cards & for the teachers/leaders/mentors that got your group to send cards making his day a little brighter!

My goal is to send even more letters/cards this week to these 3 siblings to show them our support & encouragement! I cannot imagine what they are going through! Please keep this entire family in your prayers! Since I have not gotten the address, I will wait until Monday to send out the bulk of cards I get. If you aren't aware of what I'm referring to, please look in my notes (left under my profile pic) "Help Needed from YOU! Cards for children"

 Thank you for helping our children to make a difference!

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