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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Busy Week & it's almost Friday

Busy week!  We got our LOA from our adoption agency, signed it & taken it to FedEx all in the same day

We have been told that our adoption agency has requested an update on GiGi from her orphanage for us.  This does not assure we will get an update, but we are hopeful to get some information on our daughter soon!  I will share with you when/if I hear about GiGI.   

I've had a lot of people ask me about times.  To the best of my knowledge the -information posted after the dates is what we are waiting to hear from.  We will still be filling out forms & of course sending in $ (lol), but I think these are the last steps we will hear before travel.

GiGi’s Time line
2/24/2012 - DTC  (Dossier to China)

(12 days from DTC to LID)
3/6/2012– LID

(49 days from LID to LOA)
4/23/2012 - LOA

Notification of NVC having our I800/GUZ#

- Travel Approval  

- Travel Dates

– Travel to get our GiGi

I will post more soon.  I have just had a lot of people asking about our timeline so I thought I'd post quickly.  I may update this if I find out this information is different!

Thank you all so much for your prayers & support!  I feel that is repetitive to say but you have no idea how much each of you have blessed us!  Please pray for our GiGi; we are getting extremely anxious to say the very least!  We can finally see the end!  God bless you all!  Maybe my next post will include new pictures & updates for GiGi!!!!

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