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Friday, April 20, 2012

Cards & Benefit

(I'm sorry I've not kept up with the blog as much as I should have!)  I've been posting on FaceBook & most everyone is friends with us there so I've not been posting here. I'm really going to try & do better updating the blog also! The date is the actual date this was typed. 
April 14, 2012
I hope you all remembered & sent cards to the boys I last posted about their home burning, mother passing away, & father still in hospital. If Not, it's Not to late to get cards/letters to them!!!! (Kids, adults, churches, schools, groups, any & all send them out!!!) I know they would appreciate it!!! PLEASE take just a few minutes of your time to make their day just a little brighter! What...cha got to lose but a few min? And think what a difference your few minutes might mean to someone else! I'll even mail them for you!!!! Thank you so much to the ones of you that have already mailed them cards. I've not posted another name because I knew everyone would be busy with Easter & if like me taxes!

Also, there is a benefit in Bonneville going on today for them. I'm posting the details I found on it in the comments below. If you will eat out tonight anyway, go support someone that could benefit! It's a win-win! You get full (and I'm sure great food because the benefits always seem to have wonderful food) for only $7 a plate & you help someone else at a time of need!

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