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Friday, April 20, 2012

Missing our GiGi & her friend goes home

(I'm sorry I've not kept up with the blog as much as I should have!)  I've been posting on FaceBook & most everyone is friends with us there so I've not been posting here.  The date is the actual date this was typed. 
March 28th
GiGi has a friend in China that was united with her family last week (they are still in China finishing up the adoption). I'm having an extra emotional Mommy disconnect from her baby day after Macy Jade coming to me with her $ for GiGi's fund & watching how precious Lila (GiGi's friend) is with her family. If you go here http://emmalis.blogspot.com/2012/03/march-25-evening-pearl-river-cruise.htm...l

& scroll down to the video, I think you will see how remarkable happy these children are to have a family & love. Lila is just 2 weeks older than GiGi & they were buddies at the orphanage. I hope GiGi hasn't been lonesome without her! In many pictures I've seen of GiGi, Lila was usually close by her. We are really missing our GiGi & are ready for her to be home! Please pray for this family as you also pray for us & GiGi! I pray GiGi's bond with us is as awesome as Lila's bond is with her family! Our patience is getting thin for waiting on our angel! We are still hoping to go the first of June! That seems so short, but so far away when your child is in an orphanage a world away!!!!

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