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Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 46 of the Wait

As you have all probably noticed I have tried to work on the blog today.  I've updated it & I'm sorry I got so behind!  I'll try not to do that in the future!  I finally figured out how to make the blog look different.  I wanted something brighter & the posts not so narrow on the page.  I just figured out how to adjust this today so maybe it will be easier for everyone to read.

We are at day 46 of the wait for our Letter of Acceptance(LOA). This is the next step we have been waiting for.  Our adoption agency says it will take between 30-60 days. Times are different for the wait time on LOA for all adoptive parents but most of my friends have said they waited around 50 day. We had really hoped to have it by now, but knew it might take longer.  The LOA is the OFFICIAL, OFFICIAL Paper saying China accepts our adoption.  We were approved to adopt from China when we accepted GiGi as our daughter. (LOA is another technical sheet of paperwork in the process.)  Once we get this, things should start moving quickly from each point. We still hope to travel in June to unite with GiGi.

I'd be lying if I said the wait was easy!  It's killing me & I'm so ready to have my daughter in my arms!  Phil & the kids are equally as excited & not a day goes by that she isn't spoken about all throughout the day.  I have almost been "nesting" this last week (the few times I had a few min). I've pulled out & cleaned things I haven't done in years (ex. went through all the paperwork in our filing cabinet & shredded all old paperwork).  My house definitely doesn't look like I'm nesting & looks worse than normal.  When I really clean, I pull out everything & it looks way worse before it gets better!  

I know it's hard for some to understand how we can so long for this child we've only seen in pictures, but it's not that way for us.  She is already our daughter & our daughter is in a poor orphanage as far away from us as possible.  It's strange to think that Phil & I thought we were finished having kids & God knew differently!  Now, I know our mission is a lifelong mission to raise a daughter, but I couldn't imagine our life without her.  I'm thankful God has chosen us for this mission & has chosen us to be GiGi's parents!

Please pray for GiGi as she is getting no treatment when she is in the orphanage.  I know she was sick a few weeks ago with some kind of flu/cold & was taken to the hospital to get an IV.  It shattered my heart that her mommy (ME) couldn't be there to hold her & take care of her!  However, I've seen video with her & her nanny & I was so grateful at the care the nannies give these children!  GiGi did not feel good & everytime the nanny went to put her down, GiGi cried & the nanny picked her right back up & comforted her.  I could tell she is very attached to her nanny from the videos & as this will make her separation harder at first, it is actually a really good sign that she can form bonds! 
I don't always post as soon as I hear news about our angel because sometimes it is just too hard for me knowing I'm not there.  Typing it in words makes it seem even more real!
I'm  not going to fill myself in pity that we don't have our daughter yet; however, I am really wanting to more & more each passing day that goes by!  

I pray that I can continue to give glory to God for all He has done for us & trust Him to protect GiGi while she physically seems so far away (yet so close in our hearts)!  This weekend we will spend time together.  We now have the feeling as if we are missing part of our family when we do things as a family.  We feel like someone is left out.......AND part of our family is missing.  The kids always talk about how GiGi would love whatever they we are doing & talk about how they would hold her & take care of her.  This weekend we will do something for someone else too.  Having a child is not a bad situation at all!  Many others are not nearly as fortunate as us!  Many others do not have the support we have with each of you!  We cannot ever let you know how much we appreciate each of you, but we can give back to others!  

I'm so thankful to have your support throughout our journey!  Please continue to pray for us! And for some sleep!  Phil & I have not slept in 4 nights more than 8 hours!  Between him & the kids being sick, having a million things to do & anxiety over GiGi not being here sleep has not visited us lately!  I know it's in God's timing, but I cannot help but pray God will you please make your timing quickly! lol  Yes, that is a human prayer! Pray for GiGi & for us as we try to be patient as we wait!  

Thank you all so much & I hope each of you have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I feel your pain! We are on day 105 of the wait for our LOA. We were matched a couple of weeks AFTER we got an LID, so our wait time was up to 4 months. May 8 will be 4 months. Each day, I think will this be the day? And each day I feel a sense of let down, disappointment, and loss all over again. I know that God's timing is perfect, of that I have no doubts, but as a mere human, it is very difficult to patiently wait. I will add you to my daily prayers for patience, understanding, and strength for this incredibly painful waiting process!

  2. Oh I'm so sorry! We have been matched with GiGi since August & the wait seems endless some days! I feel it's all in God's timing but the more time that goes by, the more I have to remind myself of this! I will also be praying for you also!