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Friday, April 20, 2012

Don't forget about our Pizzainn Corinth fundraiser

(I'm sorry I've not kept up with the blog as much as I should have!)  I've been posting on FaceBook & most everyone is friends with us there so I've not been posting here. I'm really going to try & do better updating the blog also! The date is the actual date this was typed. 
  April `16, 2012
Don't forget about our Pizzainn Corinth fundraiser on Thursday night! We made fliers so if you know somewhere to put them or hand them out, let Phillip or I know & we will get you some. I've attached the flier & you can print it if you would prefer. One sheet (8x11.5) will make 2 fliers. Please spread the word & distribute anywhere you can to help us! We hope to be leaving in 2 moths to get our angel so we've got to get our funds together. THANK YOU so much in advance! Love you all for the support you continue to show us!

THANK YOU ALL so much! We haven't done a fundraiser like this & we really need it to be a success! You have no idea what it means to us for you to spread the word & support us! Thank you; Thank you!

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