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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Standing Amazed in His Glory......

I will start today's blog letting you know if God is calling you to adopt (or do anything else), do not delay if He is calling for you now!  He will provide!  I have been simply amazed at how God provides when we follow His calling!  

What is money vs the power of God???  Didn't God feed the multitudes with just a little bread and few fish? (Mark 8) Do you think He is out of the miracle business today?  I don't believe so!  Remember Faith as small as a mustard seed?  (Matthew 17:20)  Do you know how small a mustard seed really is???  Usually only 1-2mm - here is a visual

I would love to demonstrate 2 miracles of modern day faith, prayer, and willingness of others to follow His calling (both the adoptive families and others willing to aid the adoption of His wonderfully made children).  All I know is that I Stand Amazed!  I stand Amazed at the miracle of just how much God LOVES these precious children!  I stand Amazed at how very much He will bless others that walk on Faith for these special children and how Only He could pull of these modern day miracle. 

I posted the last day of 2012 about a family in needs of funds that was traveling very soon!  Many wondered why in the world I would post about another family needing funds & why I would offer help for them if we really needed funds too!  Well, this mission is not about US!  This lifelong mission we have been called to is about THE CHILDREN! The precious children that have no homes or families - ALL orphans around the world!  Yes, we are really in need of funds and I don't even want to say how far we are from meeting all the money we need.  We have a short period of time, but guess what?  Some of these other children and families have shorter time to come up with the funds!  I believe God does not want me to focus on Me but to focus on His LOVE for all of us!  I believe He calls us to Love one another as ourselves!  Well, if I was selfish in only looking out for OUR funds, would I really be looking out for His children?  ALL these children need & deserve loving home!  We must all unite together for each of these children - NOT just our own children!  I believe that is truly the heart of Christ!

With that being said, I have been blessed beyond belief to watch others come together to give these children homes!  I have been given a renewed faith that our funds will really be met too!  
The family that I wrote about last week here was $13,000 short of funds on December 17.  If I'm not mistaken I'd read at one time shortly before that date, that Vickie also felt as we do.....it's too much to even count how much we need right now.  Sigh, a too often feeling in the adoption community.  The families that adopt are often not wealthy families, but families that have hearts broken for these children and are trusting God to provide!  Let me just update about this precious family and how God provides for those that follow His will.  This family is now 95% funded!  Yes, praise be to the Lord and I thank each of you that donated to make this possible!

Well, I was just giddy about how my Lord was providing for this family!  I was so excited and my faith was pumped!  Then, I was lead to another family.  Stacy Richardson and her family stepped out on faith for her son!  They immediately needed $15,000 for a "surprise adoption".  Stacy didn't know where the funds would come from but she knew this was her son and that God had called them to adopt him - even though they didn't have $15,000 laying around.  Within 24 hours, God provided through the generosity of others $11,236.  NO I'm not joking!!!!  Within 46 hours (YES FOURTY-SIX HOURS), they were fully funded for the $15,000!  

You think we don't serve an orphan loving God?  Do you really think He will not provide?  It maybe at the very last minute but He will provide!  God knew I needed to see Him show out and He has used these 2 families as a model; when you follow His will  & have faith, God WILL provide!  He often calls others to help! I'm praising God for allowing me to see these miracles unfold!  I'm praising Him for those that followed His calling and donated!  I'm praising His name for those willing to be blessed and call these children their children!  I'm praising Him for calling us to this journey!  It's not always easy but it is faith building and a blessing!
 Wow, I'm so excited to see how God is going to provide for us!  We have less than 8 weeks so we will find out before long!  It maybe $1 at a time donations or it maybe several big donations.???  I don't know but I do know He will provide because Guan Ya is our daughter and this IS His will!  We have 2 larger payments coming up soon so I'm excited to see who or how He provides for these needs!  PRAISING HIS NAME!  I pray you know my Father and can praise His name!  I pray each of you are a Christian!  If not, please message Phil or I and we would be more than happy to show you how to accept Christ as your personal savior!  There is no peace like the peace you can get from His love!  

Sorry, that part got long - I'm excited!  ;-)   I wanted you  to read all that because I want you to know about our Lord; I wanted you to praise Him with me;  and I want you to be encouraged in your faith too!  I know I was posting about Guan Ya tonight and her messages to us, but this got long.  I figure you are tired of reading my writings so I will post about Guan Ya tomorrow!  
Yes, I really will - I already have the post written so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about our precious girl!  Keeping you in suspense.  ;-)  

I praise the Lord for each of you that have continued to keep up with us, prayed for us and aided in our adoption in anyway!  We sincerely Thank you!

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