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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

LONG but worth the read!!!!! Betcha =D

LONG but worth the read!!!!! Betcha =D
We have been blessed, blessed, blessed! All praise and Glory to the Lord! I think we are getting closer to Heaven because the devil's fire isn't on here - oh wait, that's just the heat that went out last night - NOPE not kidding - our heating unit isn't working but the devil isn't driving us out!
 Just Smiling (in a chattery fashion) =D

The people that have shown love for Guan Ya and for her to have a forever family is incredible! Thank you for praying, sharing and donating for Guan Ya to have a forever loving family she deserves! PLEASE don't stop - we have 45 days or less to get this baby girl adopted!!!!!!

I know over the last few days, your head is probably spinning from me saying like here and like there, here a like, there a like, everywhere a like, like.
'Ol' the Smith's have a crazy (Cold) home Eho.mEE, Eho.mEE, O'
(for those of you that might be definition illiterate, I'll define Eho.mEE just this once time. Eho.mEE is GiGi's FAVORITE thing to say (outside of NO) - I'm not sure if she is part donkey (as it sounds much donkeyish) She runs her words completely together when she wants me to hold her. Eho.mEE = you hold me (GiGi style so dont' go copy-catting it! =D ) So how in the world did you not know that definition? That definition is probably contributing to my back pain - well or falling off that stool yesterday as my vertically challenged self was trying to clean the ceiling fan.

Anyway, I'm pretty certain CMT just hasn't figured out how to contact us yet so if they call you by mistake just direct them to the crazy house! Between my jingle above and Colt's rap/Macy Jade's ummm, ummmm backup dancing https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=363469307084943&set=vb.418416251583634&type=2&theater
I'm sure they are fighting over just which one will sign us firsts! =D
And that link with my kiddos (yeah above, that's a like, like - along with the page it's made for) The first thing the kiddos asked before feet ever touched th floo' "Do we have anymore likes?" Just go like that page and LIKE then SHARE, SHARE , SHARE everywhere a Share Share - groups and pages, blogs too, yahoo, Google groups too - woah Nellie, I'm on a jingle roll this am. Must be my brain freezing in this cold house! lol

Since we are talking about sharing and liking. My precious friends the Bennett's that we traveled with (July) have started a page trying to encourage others (hint, hint Others=You) to collect change over the next month. It's a great time to get the kids to clean out the couches and washing machine for change. Just put a bucket to the side and let's see which family can collect the most change for GuanYa's journey home!!!! I LOVE to get my kids involved and let them know they can make a difference - kids can set up a face paint booth, lemon-aid (if you are unsure how to go about this I've heard Honey Boo Boo has a special about setting up a Lemon-aid stand - a must see I'm sure), or do small chores to grab some change if they want to help! Don't leave those kiddos out - they are our future and we need to let them know they CAN make a difference too! So LIKE & SHARE #2 for the day

And if you are still following by now (yeah, I probably lost most of you within the first couple sentences - YAWN) but if you are still hear, there's a little bit of dust to stir (If you know me, you know I'll have on my boots! =D ). I wrote this last night https://www.facebook.com/TimMcGraw/posts/10151384187828556?notif_t=likehttps://www.facebook.com/TimMcGraw/posts/10151384187828556?notif_t=likehttps://www.facebook.com/TimMcGraw/posts/10151384187828556?notif_t=like(as I will try to reach out to anyone to bring my daughter home -wouldn't you if your rugrat was on the other side of the world and you had less than 45 days to get him/her? Yeah, I know sometimes you want to leave them, but really you'd never think about leaving your child! 'fo-real' That is EXACTLY where we are at with Guan Ya! Dude, they are holding her with a ransom AKA adoption fees! We must pay the high toll to get her! But could you just leave your child? NOPE! Well, me either! Oh yeah, where was I at.......I wrote on Tim McGraw's wall last night and Faith Hill's wall last week asking for a shout out for our GUan Ya! If you are not familiar with how close adoption is to both Tim & Faith's life, go do your research & ya just might learn ya something! Anywhooooo, I was reaching out to him last night and the next thing I know you goofwadz saw it (oops didn't know that was going public; however my BMs will probably be public next if it will get my daughter home - sorry TMI!). Last I looked at that post it had 45 "likes" (45 is that magic # ya know - how many days until our darlin ages out and will forever be an orphan if we don't complete the adoption). Since we are just LikIng and a Sharing today, head on over to Mr. Tim's site and like our post.https://www.facebook.com/TimMcGraw/posts/10151384187828556?notif_t=like
LIKE, COMMENT if ya wanna & tell others to get over there and stir a little dust. He knows how important adoption is for children!
Tell him about us if you feel led. Let's see if we can wake him up this morning! If you know of anyway to reach him, Faith, or anyone else that might help, hollar at me or hollar at them.
Look, it maybe a far shot, but my daughter is on the other side of the world so Ima ups to about anything (legal & pleasing to God) to bring this one precious orphan child home - this one orphan that will soon age out and forever carry the orphan status UNLESS, her family (Us) comes after that sweet pea in the next few weeks officially making her our daughter/sister - she is already here in our hearts but the USA or Chinese government doesn't recognize the writing on our hearts yet.

Now Remember here a like, there a like, everywhere a like, like.
'Ol' the Smith's have a crazy (Cold) home Eho.mEE, Eho.mEE, O'

(3 places mentioned above to like, like, like).
Thanks & yall come back now ya hears!!!! =D
give 1$ from each person that watch to get our sister home http://long-road-to-china.blogspot.com/
Video made by Colt and Macy Jade

 CMT would be interested in Colt's rapping or Macy Jade's background dancing? hehehe https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=363469307084943&set=vb.418416251583634&type=2&theater

give 1$ from each person that watch to get our sister home http://long-road-to-china.blogspot.com/
Length: ‎1:41

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