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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Excited about our new fundraiser.......

Hello again!  I'm so excited we are approved for this newest fundraiser!  It's a win/win for everyone!
For $20, you will get a $50 certificate to restaurant.com and we get $10 for each one purchased.  You get a 60% savings and we get $10 for your purchase!  YEAH!!!!!!   I LOVE this deal!

There are 18,000 restaurants it can be redeemed at.
There is no expiration date.
They can be transferred without penalty.
 $50 does not have to be spent at one location!

In our location, I checked and found 14 restaurants in our area that accepts them:
Margaritas Mexican Grill - Tupelo
Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar - Tupelo
Mist Asian Restaurant - Tupelo
Park Heights - Tupelo
Crossroads Rib Shack - Tupelo
avannah Bowling Center Snack Bar - Savannah, TN
Creekside Restaurant - Tupelo
Eli's BBQ Grill - Tupelo
Bishop's BBQ - Belden and Saltillo

Not in our area? No problem Restaurant.com gift certificates are accepted by over 18,000 restaurants.  You can search the accepting restaurants in your city online. If you want Guan Ya's Adoption to get the credit, make sure you purchase from her page
You cannot lose by this deal! $50 for $20 and we get $10.

They make wonderful gifts!

It's a great savings for you and helps us to get our daughter home!  Yes, this is real and you are welcome to google it (encouraged to check) if you have any doubts!  

This is a link to our restaurant fundraiser: 
You must purchase through our fundraiser link  for us to get the $10 credit.

If  anyone would like to verify our adoption, we are using Lifeline Chindren's Adoption Agency out of Birmingham, AL   http://lifelinechild.org/ 
2104 Rocky Ridge Road
Birmingham, AL 35216
T: 205.967.0811
F: 205.969.2137
Our social worker at lifeline is Morgan Cheek.
As most of you know we are in a huge time crunch to raise funds because our daughter (deaf-mute) ages out of the system at the age of 14 years old (March 9, 2013). If our adoption is not complete by that time, our daughter will never have the opportunity to be adopted.  

Take advantage of 60% off and help us bring our daughter home!!!!!

Phil & Niki Smith
Please pray for us & SHARE this to everyone you know!  Thank you!


  1. Fix the link to the fundraiser!!! It doesn't work!!! Sell those gift certificates!

  2. THANK YOU for letting me know! Please let me know if is still not working! Please share our site and pray for us! Blessings!

  3. NIki - found your blog through a mutual friend. This is a cool fundraiser! I just wanted to share that the term "deaf-mute" is not preferred and is considered offensive by many in the Deaf community. (also inaccurate, since it implies silent and most Deaf people are anything but, as I imagine you will find out!). Just saying Deaf is better; you can say "uses sign" or "doesn't speak" if you need to clarify Looking forward to following your journey! -- Marny, mama to Gracie, almost 4, Deaf, from China