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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Peace, Love and Hope!

We have been overwhelmed over the love you have shown us though re-sharing our story, words of encouragement, prayers, and donations!  As of now, we have $372 in paypal donations.  We have the Paypal button above the Chip-In button.  They both go to the same account. Chip-In just keeps a running total of what has been donated through that route which I like because everyone can see our donation amount.  However, I've gotten many messages from people that it often doesn't work or isn't available.  If you use the PayPal button above it, you will get a message that you are donating to GiGi (our first adopted daughter).  It goes to the correct place, but I cannot figure out how to change GiGi's name to Guan Ya's name on it.  If you know how to fix the Chip-In button to work more accurately or if you know how I can manually update it, please let me know.

We've had 30 purchases http://coupaide.com/deal/smith-adoption-fund/
of the $50 gift certificates for $20 so that is $300 we will have from it.  I think they issue the money once a month so it will arrive next month.  If you like to save money, this is an awesome discount at 60% off.  The certificate does not expire and is good at 18,000 locations nation wide.  You can view the participating locations here http://www.restaurant.com/listing/findrestaurants
If you want $10 to go back to Guan Ya's adoption fund, you have to go back to her fundraiser page here http://coupaide.com/deal/smith-adoption-fund/

I know today when I started to post in semi-panic mode, it appeared I was loosing faith.  Please don't 
think that at all!  Our maker is in control but I feel the urgency to get the word out about our needs to get Guan Ya home.  There is power in numbers so we want as many people to know & pray about our journey as possible!  I pray people will see our blog and be blessed as they watch God perform His  modern day miracle by meeting our needs to bring home our daughter when it doesn't seem possible!  I do not believe God intended children to be institutionalized or without family!  We knew when we started this journey that we were walking on blind faith by making a path that didn't seem possible! God has this and we are at peace with that!  However, I feel He wants the word out about Guan Ya's adoption so others can see how He provides when you follow His will.  We are praising Him for putting us in this position.  When we are weak, we lean on Him to hold us up and He strengthens us!  He provides our needs in His timing!

I hate to write this and I've debated, but I'm going to put it in writing. Note, we've NEVER passed a bad check and NEVER written a check without the full amount in our account.  Call it stupid or blind faith.  We need $800 for Monday so I'm sending a check tomorrow for $800 even though we are about $428 short right now.  I need to send it so Guan Ya's paperwork will continue and not lag.  Paperwork is being sent Monday to China in which $800 payment is needed to.  I cannot wait to tell you Monday that I don't have to ask anyone to hold my check.  I cannot wait to tell you how God provides that money by the time it's needed Monday!  That is not the only payment we have due next week, but it's urgent to have that amount to send to China.  The devil has been running after us like crazy, but I know our Lord is bigger!

I'm so tired and I still have 2-3 hours worth of work to do tonight but I wanted to give you an updated total.  Please don't think my sleepiness and fried brain writing are anything less than grateful and praising the Lord for every prayer, encouragement and every dollar!  We are praising Him for each of you that love the orphans!  We praise Him for providing!  We praise Him for putting each of you in our path!  Without Him this is not possible!  With a mustard seed of faith, we can move mountains.

Please keep praying and sharing our journey!
Much love to you all!

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