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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

REALITY - Down to the crunch and the numbers are really big...

O.k.  I HATE discussing fiances.   I really really do! But unfortunately it takes funds to adopt these wonderfully made children that are hungry for love & hungry for a forever family.  (so don't adopt some say?  Sorry, that's not an option! When my Lord calls me to adopt, we cannot let money or anything else stand in the way no matter how scary it may seem.) We are really in need of some serious funds in the next 8 weeks.  I broke down today and finally added it up.  This is the  amount of funds we know we need for the rest of our adoption fees and for Phil & I to travel to China.  Big Breath (our orphan loving God is bigger, our orphan loving God is much bigger, our orphan loving God  can chomp this out before our daughter ages out).........$22,250  No I'm not kidding and we have 8 weeks.  We tried to fundraise prior to Christmas with photography (and we've used those funds toward adoption fees), but with getting paperwork together, just getting back with GiGi, the sickness we've had, regular school and life, yadda, yadda, yadda I honestly do not know how many fundraisers we can do in the next 8 weeks to get this money  (time is not in our favor). Please don't take that wrong.......we are willing to do anything in our power but our time is running very short! I'm swamped from the time I get up until after midnight almost every night!

We had plans to do Valentine pictures and Phil was planning on building some props for that during Christmas break, but none of us were well so that didn't go over.   Pictures take time not just taking them but also processing them.  We LOVE photography but right now we have to get our daughter home.  I hope to get in some pictures but I honestly do not know how many shoots we will get in.

With GiGi's adoption we were with a different agent (not considered a Christian agency) so we did not even qualify for many grants.  I'll be  honest in telling you we also did not search out grants greatly with our first adoption because we felt there were others in greater need - we were clueless that we would be stuck in China such a long time and clueless we would be called to adopt again so soon.  GiGi's adoption was our first adoption and we did refinance our home - that is not an option again.   I sold my Suburban to pay expenses so that is not an option.  We also incurred many financial hardships unexpected during 2012 - theft, surgery, accident, pay cuts, etc.  We still have fees from GiGi's adoption that has to be paid off.  Those fees are not included in the $22,250; that amount is only what we know we need for Guan Ya's adoption.

I REALLY REALLY Hate to even address this, but at this point I feel it is necessary.  I think you need to know we are not getting funding elsewhere for anything - including our adoption.  O.k. (sigh) here it goes........Contrary to popular belief we DO NOT get assistance from any other place.  No one paid for our last adoption and no one is paying for any of Guan Ya's adoption.  If you would like to question me about this, please feel free to send me an email and I will be happy to let you know we are self-sufficient.  We make sacrifices, spend wisely and trust our Maker to provide.  With the donations (whether monetary donations or buying items we had for sale, etc) we got from some very kind people and some sweet  strangers we did raise some money and we are forever thankful for you.  There is one person that helped; she did not fund our adoption but she gave the funds for Colt and Macy Jade to go to China.  She knows who she is and I hope she knows how grateful we are and our children are for the life experience they gained!  Our children were forever changed by that trip and I would not take it back for anything!  It was a life changing experience for them and it was wonderful for GiGi as she felt much more comfortable with them around.  We were all able to bond together. I could go on for days as to how life changing and positive it was, but that's for another day. 

Please do not judge people's funds by friends or family and assume they get their money from those sources.   We were told by others during our last adoption people didn't feel they needed to donate because they thought someone else paid some, most, all of our adoption and paid for our home and other items.  I'm sorry, but this could not be further from the truth!  Phil and I pay our bills and I'll leave it at that.  

 I just wanted to assure you that we are responsible for getting the funds for Guan Ya.  If we do not get the funding, our daughter will forever be an orphan in China.  I believe she will not have to carry that title, but we are her last hope at adoption since she ages out March 9, 2013.  We have to be in China with the final adoption papers signed by March 9 (YES weeks away).  They will not extend that date if we don't have the funds.  Everything has to happen by that date or the adoption will not occur.

We have filled out for a couple grants.  We are hoping to hear back from one this week.  If we do not hear by the middle of the month then the grant committee did not pick us.  With changes in laws lately and the economical crisis, grants have had a huge increase in applications and sadly a decrease in funding.   We have a few other grants we were eligible to apply for and I hope to hear from them prior to leaving for China.  The grants alone might cover a couple thousand dollars IF we were chosen - Grants are to aid in paying for adoption and not meant to pay for adoptions. 
We are also going to get a video on GIVE1SAVE1ASIA as soon as we can get one together.  The GIVE1SAVE1 is not a grant but they help promote for others in the adoption process and encourage others to give as little as $1 to help fund.  We are busy and trying to get funding but we are going to need your help to bring our daughter home.  

I've added up and within the next week, we need $3,581 to pay fees.  These fees cannot be delayed!  This is to get our Dossier to China & fees from our adoption agency.  I've seen God pull together people and make this work.  We've added a Chip In button so people can watch the funds increase as people give. If you feel led please help us come up with the $3,581.  We are just going to break the fees down as they come - the most expensive fees will be just prior to travel.

I've never enjoyed discussing finances, but that is what we have to get in order to have Guan Ya forever our daughter and not an orphan!  We are working hard to get everything else together.  If you know of something we have and you would like to buy, please message me.  I ask you pray for us and SHARE our story every where  you can.
As stated in our last post As promised.... every little bit helps meet our goal!  The more our story is shared, we pray the more people are blessed.  Please share on Facebook, tell your work about us, put us on your prayer list at church!  
     This is Guan Ya and she is ready to come home
Can you spare $1 to help bring her home?
Our chip in button is at the top right of blog 
and at the last post, I've given a list of ways you can donate.
PLEASE help us meet this ransom for our beautiful daughter that types to me 
Mamma, I'm waiting on you to get me. I miss you!  
Eternal love to you! 
Guan Ya
Thank you for your support and prayers!
Our orphan loving God is bigger than that $amount we owe!
Satan has been after us a while, help us show the Devil how Christians will band together and not let numbers stop a precious 
girl from coming home.

Thank you for all you've done!
Blessings, Thanks & Love to all!


  1. I do not know why but the chip-In button is not constantly showing tonight. We have $50 pledged at payday and $38 donated! $88 total tonight toward Guan Ya's adoption tonight! THANK YOU! PRAISE the LORD! PLEASE keep sharing! I know God can do this! Guan Ya wants nothing more than to be called daughter & not labeled an orphan! Thank you for every dollar, prayer, and sharing! It is all greatly appreciated!!!!

  2. You're right -- the chipin isn't showing now. Paypal shows "GiGi's adoption" -- that's ok, right?

  3. It's showing up this morning. However, it's only showing the donations from today. We have $73. PTL!!! It all goes to the same place (GiGi was our first daughter that we adopted) The name hasn't changed on that button for some reason but it's the same account. I'm going to see if the chip-in will let me add $ donated that did not go through Chip-In. (the $73). Thank you so much! Please continue to pray for us and feel free to share our story with anyone! Glory to the Lord for the things He is doing!