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Friday, August 24, 2012

Roller coaster.....I'm ready for u!!!

God is good all the time!  It's easy to praise Him n the good times but He is faithful always!  

Yesterday evening was a rough day with some waterfalls!  I'd already felt a little overwhelmed the morning so the hours later were harder!  By bed time I had put my big girl panties back on and stronger than the prior day!  I never doubted Gods love but it rained a little. If we didn't have obstacles to overcome then it would b hard to grow & prepare us for the next step. 

In my blogs and writings I've always been honest and open about fears, valleys, questions, and unknowns. I think everyone should see a true view of things instead of always just showing pretty smiles. We do the same thing in photography. Some people only want pretty smiles and staged photography that's always "happy". We r a little different in that we want to show the entire view - not just the "happy/bright" but also the "sad/dark" sides too.   We all have different personalities and views and we r just more realists n life - pictures, words, thoughts, expectations. 

With that said I don't want to change my style and paint all pretty when each day is different. Just because I express a hard day never means I'm giving up or discouraged!  I'll looking for the light at the top and my determination and love will keepe going no matter what is thrown n the way. 

Please remember I'm only being honest and in no way doubting or turning around.  Those of u that really know me understand my stubbornness and drive when I stand firm. Doubt and obstacles only make me more determined. We will succeed and greater than anyone could imagine!!!

With that being said........today has been awesome!  I woke up refreshed.  My drive is stronger than ever!  GiGi had an appointment with the specialist today. Her issues are pretty unique but nothing needs to b done at this time. They r going to keep a close eye on her and eventually we will have decisions to make.  We knew this so it wasn't a surprise. U can see her without a shirt on and understand that.  But for today's step, nothing needs to b done!  YEAH!!! B

On to awesome news again!!!!  We found out this mornig we are already preapproved for Guan Ya!  Wow, wow talk about God speed!!!!!  I didn't even know that u could get a PA within 2 days!  I never doubted Gods hand was in us adopting our newest beautiful daughter!!!  But God shows out when we need him too!  I know there is a lot of time, education & effort but we never doubted the challenge and we will fight to give Guan Ya the very best while doing Gods will. 

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