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Saturday, August 11, 2012

GiGi's doc apt

I wanted to quickly update on GiGi's doctor's apt yesterday. First off, I was glad she didn't get us into trouble when she a little girl came in crying & she started yelling "You cry!"  We all tried to quieten her, but GiGi just thought that was funny!  Other than that, it went great & our doctor said she had never seen a child come from a foreign land in such great shape, well adjusted, & as age appropriate as GiGi.   Can you see this mama's big ol' smile????  It was later on Friday & the Memphis Campbell's clinic was not open so they are calling Monday to get her an appointment there with the orthopedic specialists for her missing ribs & scolosis, etc.  

I cannot tell you how well adjusted GiGi is with her/our family!  She acts as if she has always been with us & we feel as if she has always been with us!  She is as silly of a child as I've ever seen.  Happy/Happy/Happy!!! She is constantly laughing, giggling, smiling, etc. Don't get me wrong, she can pitch a fit with the best of them; however, she is smiling as soon as it is over! lol   You should have seen her yesterday throwing her sucker down & slapping the side of her leg when she got tired.  I then put her in the pack-n-play & she yelled & threw all her toys out before she threw herself on the floor of the p-n-p kicking & screaming.  She was asleep within 5min but she sure did not want that nap! lol

All here is great!  It's as if none of us ever had an adjustment period; GiGi was just here & it felt like she had always been.  Her vocabulary had slowed down up until Bubba & Sissy went to school.  The last few days she has added lots of new words.  However, what kid would use words if you could just grunt & your siblings would run to guess your need!  Momma don't jump & run like Dolt & Maaaacy at grunts.  I'm mean & make her use words! lol

And you know I told you yesterday I'd not completely unpacked.  Well, Phil didn't put up the suitcases that I had unpacked & he broke his foot on one last night.  Nope, again not kidding & he is in a boot!    Other than that there is nothing new & exciting to tell!  I hope you all  have a great Saturday & I'll update you all again soon!


  1. OK, You two either need to get a reality TV show or write a BOOK!
    Part of me can't wait till you post another blog entry, but then the other part of me is scared to read the post! lol

    Please please take care!!
    Krista Dolan

  2. Great news!! So glad to hear it's going so well!!