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Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday---How's it going?

So, by the messages I’ve gotten I see everyone is wondering “How’s it going?”

Do you want the “Keeping it real” version that I’ve always tried to give or the “Everything is great version” I want to give to you? Lol

As I start this post, I want you to know I’m not complaining just stating how things are here!  We got home Sunday night after a prolonged journey home from China. I didn’t know our blog title should be “Long road to China & longer road home” lol To say the very least, we were exhausted! 
I was asleep by 6pm Sunday & around midnight the kids were up.  We got a few more hours sleep between midnight & noon.  On Monday, Phil had to return to work.  We all were asleep Monday night by 5pm.  By 2am Tuesday morning, the kids were up (can you tell they had days/nights mixed up?)  By 3am I gave up the thought of any more sleep & got up & started unloading luggage.  I managed to keep them up Tuesday until around 5pm.  We were up by 4am on Wednesday (which was the first day of school for the kids).

As you can see there wasn’t a lot to tell from the time we got in Sunday night until Wednesday morning.  Our sleep was disrupted from China time & loss of sleep traveling from China on Saturday. 

GiGi was not real happy about leaving Dolt/Bubba (as she calls Colt both) nor Maaaaccy/Sissy (as she calls Macy in her Southern draw) at school on Wed.   GiGi & I were able to eat breakfast with Maaacy. Since GiGi drank 2 cartoons of Chocolate Milk & was looking for more (this was her first time to try US milk & it’s very different than the milk in China) I figured we’d make a trip to the store for some more milk & groceries.

GiGi still does not like riding as she does NOT like the car seat!  In China there is no such thing as a car seat - Only chaotic/organized driving & it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen! 
We made it just fine staying busy Wednesday & I was able to show off our little GiGi Dahl to several people.  I’d dare to say she won most everyone’s heart!  It’s hard not to love her as her personality is so immense!  I think I told some of you doubters she would still your heart & she is proving momma right! ;0)   She doesn’t let others hold her which is not uncommon for children of her age, but I also believe she still has a fear of us leaving her.  Even though she doesn’t let others too close she smiles, waves, laughs, blows kisses, fake cries, & does things just to see how much she can get others to do for her (ex. throwing keys, glasses, etc to see just how many times someone will pick them up is a familiar game for her! Lol)

Well, after we picked the kids up for school things seemed to go…….well, not quite as great I’ll say.  We had looked very forward to going to church Wednesday night, but we had someone looking at our air-conditioning unit until time for church.
Strike one……..our compressor is out on the a/c!  Nope, not even kidding! It never got fixed prior to us leaving for China & it has been HOT since we have returned! 

Strike 2……I began to get sicker than I had already felt.  I thought it was just lack of sleep & jet lag so I’ve pushed through as much as possible.  However, when I began vomiting Wednesday night, I knew I was sick.  I RARELY vomit & cannot remember spewing other than when I had the flu.   Fever has followed   :0(

When the kids came home on Thursday, they knew I was sick as I was in bed.  Macy Jade & the little mother she has been, immediately got GiGi & begin to play & take care of her.  Colt tried to get me food & liquids to take care of me.  And that is how last night pretty much played out.  I have some amazing kids!  Macy Jade wagged GiGi around all day after her long day of school & took care of her – even putting her to sleep.  Colt tried to take care of me all night!  This week when he knew I didn’t feel good Colt has loaded/washed dishes & folded/put up clothes without being asked!  GiGi has been super content & happy eventhough I haven’t felt like being the mother she deserves! How can one complain when I have kids so wonderful?—ALL 3!

They didn’t even ask from one thing from me but took care of things like adults yesterday!  I’m so proud of them!  Even though I surely didn’t win mother of the year award, my kids won kids of the year award yesterday! 

This morning around 5am Macy Jade came to my bed with GiGi to check on me.  I love my kids!  Not just because they have helped & taken care of me but because I love them!  God has really blessed me beyond what I could ever deserve! 

Macy Jade & I dug through luggage this a.m. (no I’m still not unpacked) to try & find something clean & that would fit the dress code for her to wear today.  Imagine being a month behind on washing!  Yikes, it’s bad! Lol
However, as I hugged, kissed & told Dolt & Maaaccy Jade bye for school they smiled & were happy!  They don’t seem to mind that they are exhausted, nor  mind that they have taken on some adult responsibilities since having another sibling, nor mind that the house is upside down, nor mind that washing is a month behind, nor mind that things aren’t the way they were 6 weeks ago.  They are happy & I am happy!  I would not think twice about adopting my happy, smiling, silly, long-toed, naturally curly haired, dark complexioned, “Love Lu” daughter!  And I’d bet that everyone in this family would agree!  GiGi maybe missing some ribs, have moderate to severe scoliosis, & other unknown medical issues, but she is perfect to us!

It’s not about me or us – it never was!  It’s about doing His will & giving “the least” of us what they need – LOVE!  As much as we have been through with the adoption, delays, obstacles, etc. & as crazy as it sounds, I’d jump on a United plane (yeap, even United) to love another one of those precious children!  Yeap, I’m crazy & in total love with my family!  My heart has room for more & I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help other children have a family & love! 

Our lives have been forever changed!  I didn’t tell anyone but an older child came to our attention while we were still in China.  We would have loved her as our daughter if God would have seen fit!  Thankfully, she got a forever family!   Not only have I been changed, but my children’s lives have been forever changed!  They were asking for us to adopt another child before we ever left China.  When I asked why (just curious as to their answer)?  Macy & Colt were quick to reply things as “Did you see the orphanage?”   or “How can we leave them in a place like that?”  Once our eyes have been opened to the realization, even a child cannot turn his/her eyes to the blind side!
When we left China, we took a huge part with us (GiGi) but we left a huge part of our hearts!  I cried when we left GZ!  I know you think that crazy woman!  Yes, I am, but tears fell as I knew I would leave that wonderful country with beautiful, precious children there that needed a family!  I cannot explain the vast difference in the orphanages there & orphanages in America!  Please don’t take that wrong!  WE 100% COMPLETELY SUPPORT ADOPTION OF AMERICAN CHILDREN!!!!!  I maybe one to adopt a child from the good ol’ USA oneday if that is God’s will.  However, the conditions I saw for the children in China were worse than those at our local animal shelter & I am not joking! 

Yes, our GiGi is so special to us!  However, as Phil said, she is no more deserving of a family & love than any other child that is without one!  They all deserve to have a family!  As long as God lays it on my heart to help these children whether it be through adoption, education, encouragement, support, advocating, or any other way God sees fit, then I will be yelling at the top of my lungs for my prayer warriors to keep on praying for us crazy folks!  God’s not finished with us yet!

This afternoon GiGi has her first doctor’s apt.  Please pray that all goes well!  No matter what our doctor tells us, GiGi is still perfection to us!  She is a fighter for sure!  She has learned to deal with her medical issues!  Colt is very tenderhearted & often says how sad it makes him that GiGi has medical issues!  I’m quick to tell him that GiGi is happy & does not see her medical issues.  Someone posted a pic that I will share below.  The picture depicts how I want GiGi to be treated by us & others!  I do not want GiGi to think she has a disability or that she is disabled, but I just want her to feel she is unique & does things differently! 


I’ve yabbed enough but I wanted to let you know how things were here.  Please overlook the grammatical errors today.  I’m not 100% but wanted to update anyway.  Thank you all for continuing to keep up with us!  Our story is not over yet!  Blessing to all of you!

If you try to contact us via phone, you are probably not going to get us!  The chargers to our phones are broken thus we cannot use them without charge.  We have a home phone but haven’t had a phone plugged in over a year soooooo if you need us, the best way to contact us is  by computer – email or facebook.  I'll consider the phone issue Strike 3.......so I'm out! 

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