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Monday, December 10, 2012

New traditions

Can anyone else relate?

Maybe a better question for this time of year is can anyone NOT relate?

Well, Phil & I have made a decision in our family this year to make new traditions for Christmas.  Our focus (each member of our family) will not be on WHAT will we get for Christmas but what we can give to others.  No, we aren't talking about giving toys (unless they come out of our children's EUC stash) but we are giving necessity items or we will give with a purpose (supporting someone/some cause).  Our kids have never experienced a Christmas like they will have this year.  We've said in the past we aren't doing much for Christmas & we aren't getting wrapped up in the materialistic side of Christmas.  Well, after our visit to China this summer and seeing the orphans with out a forever home,  we cannot go on acting like we don't know where real value lies!  Our decision for Christmas is good for us & I realize it doesn't work for everyone.  Many enjoy the hustle & bustle  that comes with Christmas, but it stresses me to the max!

This year I have purchased NO presents for Christmas.  Nope, not a one!  The kids have been told they will get 3 small presents and we will put littles in for the stockings.   It's pretty easy to focus on the greater things in life when you have no other choices.  No, my kids don't need gifts & we will be giving small packages with essential items to others instead of gift giving.  Wow, this is a change for our regular Christmas, but the kids don't seem to mind at all!  When others have asked our kids what they want for Christmas, they say that they don't need anything.  If they other are persistent, our kids will ask for money to go get their sister.  No we've not told or encouraged them to do this, they have decided this on their own.  They see how much more important and how God is calling our family to give GuanYa a home.  She is our daughter & their sister!  They ask about her everyday & GiGi points to her pic & calls her by name.  We are honored to have children that love their sister whom they've never met.  They put everything they want on hold to have their sister here.  How blessed are we?

I wanted to draw your attention to another site.  This family has bless us already more than they could know.  Check out their 3rd annual 24 days of Christmas Giving http://www.afamilyofsix.blogspot.com/2012/12/24-days-of-giving-families.html 
Please take a look and prayerfully consider donating to one of these families if you are called to. Yes, our name is on the list but I ask you to listen to God's calling about where you should be giving!  All children deserve the love of a forever home - not just GiGi, or GuanYa or just the children in China, or just the children in the US, or xxxxxxxxx.  ALL children deserve the love of a forever family!  Can you imagine not having someone there to teach you about Christ, clean & kiss your cuts, teach you about the trials of life & how you can deal with them, tuck you in every night, tell you you are loved & you are important, show you that you are loved, guide you, help you, and the list could go on forever - and that's all these kids need --a family that will forever be there for them.  Don't get me wrong; these kids bless our lives more than one could imagine!  However, if people aren't willing to follow God's calling & trust in blind faith, many children might still not have a forever home.  I feel that our calling to adopt these precious children is no greater than the calling He has for you!  God calls us all & has an individual plan for each of us!  It's up to us to follow His lead!  

Please continue to hold us close in prayer and especially GuanYa!  I know she said she is happy but this is a major change in her life!  Please pray God will mold us all together.  Pray He will show us the places He has stored for our financial needs to adopt.  Please pray we will know how to help others & love more as He loves!  We ask for your prayers and each one means more than you could know!  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for following in our journey.  We pray you will find God's calling for your life each day & we pray you will also find the strength to follow His plans!  God Bless & we love each of you!

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