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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012 Christmas summary..........

GiGi was sick running fever and in bed for the very first time since we adopted her and it was her first Christmas. :-(
Colt and Macy Jade both have terrible coughs. 
And since I'm complaining, I miss my Guan Ya!

This Christmas we have been blessed by people we do not know and some we don't know well! 

We have GiGi at home and in less than 70 days we will have our newest daughter in our arms. 

We've No illnesses we cannot get over. 

I have been blessed to correspond in many emails with Guan Ya since yesterday. She is already calling us mom and dad/father, has sent us several pictures, says she is excited to come home and tells us she loves us. Thank you so much to those of you that donated money to help bring her home as part of your Christmas giving! Every bit adds up and nothing is small to us!  Thank you also for the many prayers.  We continue to ask for prayers  especially for the following 3: 

-Paperwork & timing
-Bonding with Guan Ya & for her until we unite
-Financial Fees from adoption  

We have a warm home, plenty clothing, plenty food, more love than many could imagine and we have Christ at the center of our home. How can I complain? We have been blessed!

So many things I'm thankful for, but I have to mention the  happiness & gratefulness my children bring to me knowing the true meaning of Christmas!  Both said this was their best Christmas ever because GiGi was home with us!  They were grateful for love!

 I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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