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Saturday, December 22, 2012

GuanYa updates

I hope our nation finds comfort & love after the devastation of one person’s actions in CT a week ago!  I wouldn't even know where to start talking about what happened that day!  I cannot allow myself to think what if…………..  It’s too heartbreaking & I cannot even imagine the pain that 20 innocent children’s parents, friends, classmates, teachers, mentors have felt since Friday!  As time will move it off most the front of our minds until it is mentioned again, there are some that will live with the daily loss!  My heart hurts and our nation hurts for all these involved!  My prayers are with each and every one as I know many others are with them!

We cannot let the fear over take us from this senseless tragedy!   Likewise distressing, an average 125 children die each day from cancer!  Each one of those children has families, friends, teachers, etc. that hurt daily from their loss also.  I say this not to minimize the losses from CT in any way!  My point is that we do not need to live our lives in fear as we do not know the days, hours, minutes we have left on this earth.  In fact, each day we live, we are dying!  There are no do overs in this lifetime and once a day is gone, we do not get to add another day to our lives if we do not live it accordingly!  Make each day one that you are proud of!  Love more, do for others, smile more, and pray more! 

The Monday following the tragedy  my kids did not attend school.  Not because of the shooting (however, it would have been easy for me to keep them home in fear) but because it sounded like I had seals living in my home barking all night!  I’m so glad Christmas break is here!  I love having our family all together!  Many tire of each other, but we really don’t and always look forward to our time together!  Our family time is our most cherished time!  Christmas is quickly coming up & as many look forward to gifts giving/getting & other traditions we just don’t find as much joy in that as our time together! This year, each of our kiddos has 1 main present and 2 smaller gifts – for main presents, Colt -a watch, GiGi - a doll of her own, & Macy……that kid has really not asked for anything so she got smaller items.  They know they aren't getting much and they didn't ask for much of anything. I’m so thankful our kids understand the true meaning of happiness!  Sorry I’m having a mommy bragging moment!  I guess we are easily pleased and our happiest moments are together! The only thing that could make this Christmas better is if our precious GuanYa was joining us this Christmas.  However, as I told her in the last letter I sent “It hurts that you are not able to be here with us this Christmas, but it brings great joy to know we do not have to spend another Christmas apart!”   

I brag on my kids often on Facebook and you are going to have to hear more bragging soon!  Our GuanYa is just a priceless, beautiful & precious soul!  We've gotten more emails from her the last 2 weekends.  As soon as I yell “We've gotten another email!” Everyone is crowding my computer before I can even translate her email.  In her last email she stated that she received our letter and was very grateful of it and the pictures we sent to her! She told us she loved us and wanted us as her family!  It was cute because she wanted to ask us about Scout.  I’m not sure what she meant but it translated that she asked if Scout as TongArm?
 And she ended her letter with
 “Lifetime Love you” 
Wow, talk about melting our hearts!  I’m thinking she was asking if Scout was a military dog but if anyone has a different translation or insight on what she might have meant, please feel free to share!

I think she enjoys our letters because last Friday night (her Saturday morning) she sent us an email -as usual, I got it my Saturday morning when I checked emails.  I was super busy & did not respond to her immediately as I usually have in the past.  I've only gotten message from her on Saturday mornings so I didn't know if she was even seeing the emails I sent until almost a lapse in time of a week.   I was in the middle of writing her a message that Sunday night when I got a message from her.  I opened it up & it was completely blank.  I giggled a little because I think it was her way of saying.... Mom, why haven't you responded to me?  I never want her to feel I'm not here with her every step, but I have to admit I got a really warm feeling to think she really longs to get messages from us!

Our biggest concern with adopting GuanYa was not our love for her or bringing home an older child & not even the fact she was deaf-mute!  We see her as our daughter so all those issues were not issues of grave concern - of course loving her was of NO concern!  Our biggest distress that we've prayed the hardest about was that she would not want a family.   We only wanted what is best for her from the very start & of course we longed for her to want a family!  From her messages, I’m pretty confident that she is excited about us as her family and the joy it brings to our hearts is indescribable! 

We all still ask for lots of prayers for paperwork, fiances, timing, & bonding!  I couldn't imagine bonding being any better at this point but we want to keep on progressing!  We need lots of prayers for the other areas because if something doesn't work out with any of these 3 area, we would not be able to bring her home.  Her time to be adopted ceases March 9, 2013.  We need your help & as you can see, she wants us as a family!  We do not want to have our hearts broken & cannot imagine Not bringing her home to her family - my mind cannot go there!  And GuanYa is excited to have us as a family!  This is her ONLY chance to be adopted to a forever family!  I cannot bear to think how it would tear her heart apart to think she has a family & for something to fall through!  However, the fact of the matter is that we have 77 days to get all the paperwork completed & funds raised!  Yes, in a few hours that will be 76 so we have NO time to spare!
I want to leave you with 3 things - 2 letters written to GuanYa (1 from Colt & 1 from MJ) and the latest picture from our precious daughter. 
 I hope your Christmas is 1/10 as blessed as our Christmas!  Thank you for continuing to support & follow us!

I want you to know I love you & you’re my favorite big sister.  You’re always in my heart.  Even when you are in China, I still love you!  I bet you’ll love me too! You’ll love our silly family & will never feel adopted; you’re just one of us!  We have lots of fun with our animals.  You should know that we love you with all our hearts.  I cannot wait to have you home!  I make mom let me see everything you send us.  I’m so excited to have a big sister!  You must know that your sister GiGi wants a big sister & wants you here really soon too.  You are the perfect big sister for us!  Do you want to know how I know that?  Because I can feel it in my heart!  You are so beautiful – you could be a model.  I want you to show me how you get so beautiful.   I will share all the stuff I have with you & I think you will love it!  Everything we do I see you with us!  It feels like I’m already hugging you; I can already see it!  You will be the best big sister ever!   We will have things waiting on you & love you with all our hearts!  You will love it here!
Macy Jade
(age 7 years old) 

GuanYa, I’m so excited to have you in our family!  I know you will make our family better and more complete!  When you get here we can play my video games together.  I know we’ll have the grandest time!  You’ll always be with me in my heart & soul!  I’m so glad that you love us & I’m thankful for every message you send us!  It makes me happy to know you are typing to us!  Thank you so much for accepting us as your family! 
Your brother,
 (age 9 years old)

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