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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sweetest thing!

This will be a short post as we have no home Internet access today. :0(
However, I cannot go to sleep tonight without posting about the very sweetest thing GiGi has ever done since we've all united.  If any of u saw us Monday at the pregnancy and infant loss awareness balloon release, I'm pretty positive u saw our GiGi. She would have been the only Chinese native child running around most of the time without a care in the world and also the one during the prayer going around to everyone putting her hands together in front of others to tell them to bow and pray. Sorry, we haven't broken the news to her yet that everyone doesn't need her consistent instructions with all they do- with us, we wouldn't know what to do if she wasn't bossing u around. ;0)

Anyway, today is Phils 39th birthday -yes again =:0)~
GiGi has been the biggest DaDa's girl since yesterday and hangs onto him from the second he gets home - I'm going to guess he doesn't seem to mind judging by the biggest smile on his face. Well, as we lay here with GiGi laying between us she claps her has together at me and says "shhhhh" and repeats the same to Phil (this is her way to tell us she wants to pray).   Phil says ok let's pray. Usually he will help her by saying a prayer and she repeats (even when he has a prayer at church).  Tonight however, she didn't want help. I will say there was some gibberish in that long prayer but no one could deny what she said & repeated many times "thank you Daddy and um thank you my dada". Finally she said "amen". But within seconds she looks distraught at me and I questioned what was wrong?  She put her hands in a praying position again and said "thank u Bubba. And um thank u sissy!"
Yes, tonight on Phil's birthday GiGi thanked God for her Daddy many times in prayers and then thanked God for her siblings.  This is a first for her and I cannot tell u how it swelled my heart!  I love my family!  Don't forget to thank God for ur family and to tell them u love them!  We can learn a lot from a 2y/o if we listen!  God bless!


  1. She looks so beautifully content on her dad's shoulder!! What an amazing story.

  2. When I read my post, I thought it was a little misleading. She ALWAYS hangs on her DaDa but has been more attached the last few days. She is very content & is the happiest child in our home. She is always making us laugh!