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Saturday, March 9, 2013


Above are pictures from our day Wednesday.  It was our rough morning so there weren't as many pictures of our beauty.  She wasn't up for picutes and that was alright.  Phil said there were more pictures from this day but they did not upload to the computer for some reason.  Maybe there are some with GY on the camera. 

We could tell Wednesday when we got up our girl was distant.  She laid her head down at breakfast, walked on the other side of the room we were in with her back turned to us.  As we were going to the park, she started crying.  As a momma, it hurts because you want to take the pain away.   We tried to comfort her but she refused to do anything.  She refused to look at anything at the park, she pushed away from us physically by walking as far away from us as possible & told us "Do not talk to me!" Yeah, I guess some of that is just typical teen girl stuff too!  However, I knew my YaYa was mourning the loss of what she knew & what was familiar.  I knew she was pushing us away because we were the reason things were changing.  

Guan Ya knows this is a great change.  I really believe she loves us & she signs it to us often.  However, the orphanage life is her past/her norm/her comfort.  This has to be a very hard change for her & we know that!  After we went to the beautiful garden above, she got in a happier mood.  The rest of the night was much better.

Yesterday, GY was in a good mood yesterday and I felt huge steps were made in bonding!  We went to Shamian island yesterday.  There were lots of giggles & great bonding moments.  She loves the typical girl things - jewelry, purses, clothes (Chinese fashion is very different than in the US)  We are going to try and limit the amount of clothes we purchase here for her. It is not because we want her to be more "American" in style, but when she comes to America, I think she may see style is different & want other clothes.    Guan Ya came to us with only the clothes on her body, the items we had sent her and a few pictures.

Ya Ya also LOVES paper, pens, orgami, & anything stationary stye.     She seems very proud of the items we give her!  She is very opinionated and pretty head strong.  I am very glad she will tell us her likes/dislikes because I want her to keep who she is as a person.  I've already experienced the typical eyes rolling ("really mom") from her.  I took it as a sign of bonding & that she feels comfortable enough to be a teen with me. 

 I've worked a ton to get these pics to upload for all of you so I will stop here & write a different post later.  Maybe I can get caught up soon!  Thank you all for the continued prayers & love you have shown!  You are the reason this beautiful girl is no longer an orphan!  All praise be to our Lord!  



  1. She is beautiful, so glad,all is going well.

  2. So proud for y'all. Keeping you in our prayers. Praying for easy transition & real bonding time. Also, praying for a smooth departure for all of you as she prepares to leave it all behind. I can only imagine the fears and excitement she is feeling. :)