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Sunday, March 10, 2013


 Birthday girl just saw her cake.  We went out to eat for her birthday & had it delivered while we were gone.

 Today at the longest & oldest shopping street in GZ.

This is Guan Ya with Grace our guide.

Yes, I'm as tired as I look but I'm a happy Mama!!!
I realized after this pic that I don't have any pics of Phil & YaYa because he always has the camera.
I'll try to get some tomorrow

 Bubbles at the mall anyone?

 You see things like this everywhere.  This guy is pushing corn in the middle of the busy streets.

View outside our hotel in China.

Written earlier on my FaceBook for those of you that didn't read it:
We have had some wonderful days! Guan Ya just loves on me & holds my hand! She really seems to crave the love we give her! We see lots of big smiles & giggles & not a scared girl anymore! She even tried to say I love you Babba & Mamma last night. She used the translator to type out what she was trying to verbalize. We have been signing it often but she wanted to say it with her voice! I thought yesterday was her birthday but she really blessed us! I have pictures (above) I will try to put on the blog later. I'm sure we will have rough days but I'm enjoying the good days to the max!

We will be going to the orphanage tomorrow so please pray for her! I know it will be a very hard & emotional day for her! It hurts to even think about it as a mamma, but I know it is what she needs to do! I would never deny her going back to say goodbye! We have been preparing gifts for her friends, teachers, "aunt" (this is what she called her, but maybe her foster mom in the orphanage), etc. I had been mistaken because I thought she had lived with foster parents but she has been calling the people that watch over her end of the hall at the orphange her foster parents. She has been caring for herself & was living with 3 other girls that had aged out. The orphanage director said she was very lucky last Monday when we united because none of the other girls made it to forever homes! 

Also, will you help me think of questions that we might ask to the orphanage staff, teachers, etc when we go back tomorrow. I've been making a list & I thought you might have some suggestions of things I've not thought of yet. I'm thankful that we will also be able to visit her school that she attended. I am grateful to get the chance to see the life she lived. Blessings to each of you! God is great!


  1. Love these photos. Simply beautiful! Some questions to ask, What are her favorite foods? Maybe you can recreate some of these once you are home. Ask about items of comfort. Even though she is not an infant, she may have special routines, items etc that she turns to for comfort. Ask about how she can keep in touch with friends there.

  2. So sweet to see her with you! And to get to celebrate her birthday! I'll be praying for the visit!